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  • News: Facebook makes user phone numbers available

    In a decision that will be exploited by online scammers "for their own criminal ends", according to one security expert, Facebook is making users' addresses and mobile phone numbers available to third-party app developers.

  • News: Asus 'to build own Google Android App Store'

    Asus has revealed that because Google is validating Android App Market access only for tablets with phone functionality or for those willing to wait for Google Android Honeycomb, it will follow Toshiba and build its own, proprietary app store for Android.

  • News: Next-generation BlackBerry handsets revealed

    Smartphone website BGR has revealed what it claims are details of the next generation of RIM BlackBerry smartphone handsets. The BlackBerry Dakota is the replacement for the BlackBerry Bold, and BGR is also publishing images of a new Storm - the 'BlackBerry Monaco' - and an updated BlackBerry Curve known as the 'Apollo'. There's also a second generation BlackBerry Torch, imaginatively titled the 'BlackBerry Torch 2'.

  • News: Details: BlackBerry Dakota revealed

    Images and details of the BlackBerry Dakota--the impending flagship smartphone from Research In Motion (RIM)--have emerged. The Dakota is packed with features as RIM struggles desperately to regain lost ground and compete with the Apple iPhone and the rising Android invasion.

  • News: World test day for IPv6 to take place in June

    A group of web companies have come together to test the viability of next generation Internet protocol IPv6

  • News: Flexible nanowires lead way to stretchy electronics

    New research at North Carolina State University could lead to stretchable electronics, a way to incorporate electronics into clothing.

  • News: Ugly fonts aid content memorisation

    Having difficulty getting your message across? Try an uglier font.

  • News: Wikipedia founder: Apple threatens open internet

    Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has accused Apple of threatening the "openness of the internet"

  • News: What is Facebook Messages?

    Back in November 2010, Facebook announced plans for a 'social inbox' – a place that would serve as a hub for all communications that people use online or via mobile phones, ranging from text messages and chat messages to email messages, too. As Facebook begins releasing Message to more and more users, we take a look at what you need to know before you use the service.

  • News: 10 tips: how to get online, anywhere

    If you're a regular when it comes to working on the go, then you'll probably have experienced the frustration when it's impossible to find an internet connection, whether it's through a 3G dongle, or even your smartphone. Here are 10 road-tested tips for getting your work done by any internet connection necessary.

  • News: The Top 10 Tech Scares of the Decade

    The dawn of the new millennium prompted fears about the future, but so far reality has not quite matched the predictions of catastrophe.Here's a look back at the past decade, and ten of the most terrifying tech scares.

  • News: iPad and rival tablets blunt PC shipments

    Tablets PCs, including Apple's iPad, are taking a toll on an already battered PC market.

  • News: Windows on verge of dipping below 90% share

    Windows is on the verge of dropping below 90 percent market share, with smartphones and tablets posing an increasingly serious threat to Microsoft's dominance of the operating system market.

  • News: Man 'stole nude photos from women's email'

    A California man has pleaded guilty to charges that he broke into the email accounts of thousands of women, scouring them for nude photos that he then posted to the internet.

  • News: Analysis: Who'd want to buy MySpace?

    Myspace's CEO, Mike Jones (not the rapper) has confirmed he's ready to sell the company if the right offer comes along. The news broke in a report published by Bloomberg and follows web-wide rumours of a sale that have been building all week.

  • News: Parental control software fails on Web 2.0 sites

    A survey by the European Commission has found that parental control programs aimed at keeping children safe online do not function well with Web 2.0 sites, smartphones or games consoles.

  • News: Intel celebrates best year in its history

    Intel has announced it finished fiscal 2010 with profit and revenue gains in the fourth quarter, and predicted a strong fiscal year 2011.

  • News: Hannstar president indicted over LCD price fixing

    The US Department of Justice indicted the president of Taiwanese display maker HannStar, making him the 22nd executive to be charged in an ongoing investigation into price fixing in the LCD industry.

  • News: Taiwan develops face-recognition vending machine

    Government-funded researchers in Taiwan have developed a vending machine that recommends purchases based on people's faces, one of the inventors said on Friday.

  • News: Poll: 30% dissatisfied by online Xmas shopping

    In a PC Advisor poll of 1,622 visitors to the site, 30.9 percent of respondents said they were not satisfied by their online Christmas shopping experience, because the deliveries were late.

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