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  • News: Lexmark unveils Basecamp SmartSolution app

    Lexmark is further extending its range of SmartSolution apps for its internet-connected printers with Basecamp.

  • News: How Do You Download Your Free 3DS Ambassador Games?

    In just a couple more days, 3DS Ambassadors will be able to download their first round of free games from Nintendo. And of course, since it's Nintendo, inventor of the Friend Code, you know it'll be easy, right? You just go into the e-Shop, click on Ambassador Rewards, then download your games, right?

  • News: First Serious Sam Indie Game Debuts

    Serious Sam: Double D is out today, marking the first of the indie titles made to promote the upcoming Serious Sam 3: BFE.

  • News: Yakuza 5 and Black Panther Sequel On the Way

    Andriasang reports that this week's Famitsu carries with it the content of some "big announcements" forthcoming from Yakuza series creator Toshihiro Nagoshi.

  • News: Is Taking Nude Photo of Laptop 'Thieves' Too Much

    We've all heard the cool stories about how people are able to recover their stolen electronics using various tracking services. But one gadget-tracking service may have gone too far--a U.S. District Judge has ruled against Absolute Software for capturing sexually explicit images of a woman using a "stolen" laptop.

  • News: AT&T to return jobs to US if T-Mobile deal is approved

    AT&T promises to bring 5,000 call-center jobs back to the U.S. if it's acquisition of T-Mobile USA is approved.

  • News: Cisco, VMware expand collaboration

    Cisco and VMware this week expanded their 4+ year partnership by unveiling network virtualization extensions designed to expand the mobility range of virtual machines across multiple data centers and cloud environments.

  • News: 10 Social Networking Add-Ons for Firefox

    Move over, RockMelt. You don't need a dedicated social networking browser to stay überconnected. Here are 10 Firefox add-ons (all compatible with the latest version of Firefox) that will turn your browser into a social butterfly.

  • News: Samsung Epic 4G Touch for Sprint: First Look

    The Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch for Sprint is an absurdly thin and lightweight Android phone with a gigantic 4.52-inch display. It’s gorgeous, yet compared to the AT&T Galaxy S II version, feels a bit less refined.

  • News: Mac OS X 10.6.9 Snow Leopard could support iCloud

    Evidence that Mac OS X 10.6.9 will support iCloud has been spotted by a developer.

  • News: Microsoft warns over password-stealing 'Morto' worm

    Security companies have discovered a new worm that tries to hijack poorly-secured servers by using RDP connections from PCs on the same network to harvest their logins.

  • News: Qualys offers tool to spot server DDoS weaknesses

    Security company Qualys is offering a tool admins can use to work out how vulnerable their servers might be to simple but often hard-to-detect a types of DDoS attack that exploit vulnerabilities in the design of HTTP.

  • News: Dog Fighting Mobile Game Hacked by Animal Rights Activists

    An Android-based mobile game based around dog fighting has attracted the ire of animal rights activists, who hacked the game with a mass text sending trojan.

  • News: Atlus' Great News for Persona Fans

    Atlus is working on not one, not two, but three new Persona titles, at least two of which will be in Japanese gamers' hands next year.

  • News: Mozilla Brings Firefox to Android 3.0 Tablets: Sneak Peek

    An upcoming version of Firefox Mobile is being designed to have a more native feel on Android 3.0 tablets, while maintaining Firefox's distinctive look and feel such as the browser's large back button. Giving Firefox users a sneak peek, Mozilla mobile device user experience designer Ian Barlow recently posted some mock-ups for the new Firefox version on his blog. Barlow says Mozilla's designers are hard at work to "make Firefox awesome on tablets" by maintaining the work done on Firefox Mobile targeted for Android phones while taking advantage of a tablet's larger screen real estate.

  • News: Automator workflow of the month: Email a weekly schedule

    If you have a life crammed with meetings and places to be, it can be difficult for others to keep track of you. Sure, you can post your schedule online or scrawl it on a whiteboard at work, but sometimes it’s helpful to present those who want to know your whereabouts with a single email message that contains the details of your coming week. The same goes if you need to keep others informed of a carpool schedule or department meetings. With Apple's utility Automator you can easily create and distribute just such a message. Here’s how.

  • News: Secunia's patching tool integrated with Microsoft's WSUS

    Secunia, a Danish security company that makes two tools that ensure applications have up-to-date patches, released a product on Wednesday that can deploy non-Microsoft patches using that company's widely used patching tool.

  • News: Apple suppliers accused of environmental damage

    Environmental groups in China criticized Apple on Wednesday, alleging that it is employing suppliers that are damaging the environment and threatening the lives of residents. Apple, however, maintains the company has been vigilant in ensuring all its suppliers follow environmental safety requirements.

  • News: Report: US said to be investigating Oracle's Africa deals

    U.S. federal agencies are investigating whether Oracle violated federal anti-bribery laws in dealings abroad, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, citing people familiar with the matter.

  • News: Toshiba AT100 to hit UK on September 1

    Toshiba has revealed its forthcoming tablet PC, the AT100, will be made available in the UK from September 1 (tomorrow).

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