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  • News: Banks take lead from developers, not top smartphones, for mobile apps

    Banks must embrace mobile applications if they're to keep up with the hot trend in smartphones right now. And no phone is hotter for those applications than Apple's iPhone, even if it comes in third behind Android and BlackBerry phones.

  • News: Grab a Bite at the El Shaddai Cafe

    Believe it or not, setting up a small cafe in Tokyo for the sole purpose of promoting a game or other entertainment product is not all that uncommon -- just look at the Dragon Quest bar. Who knows if this marriage of gaming with upscale dining is successful, but regardless, Ignition is the latest company to get into the restaurant business with their cafe based on their upcoming El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, which is open for business from April 15 to May 8.

  • News: Oracle to fix 73 security bugs next week

    Oracle plans to release a large number of security patches for its various software products next week, including six bug-fixes for its flagship database software.

  • News: Alabama B-1 visa case draws Sen. Grassley's attention

    A lawsuit against Indian offshore giant Infosys Technologies is getting the attention of U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), who wants top Obama administration officials "to get to the bottom of the situation."

  • News: State Street modernizing with cloud, Linux technologies

    State Street Corporation says technology must evolve to meet the increasingly demanding needs of financial services.

  • News: Test Drive Unlimited 2 gets free DLC

    Atari has announced that "The Exploration Pack" will shortly be available for Test Drive Unlimited 2. The DLC will be available for free and includes a number of features the community has been requesting as well as new missions and game modes.

  • News: When Recruiting Is a 'Growth Business'

    External growth -- especially the kind that takes a company into new markets -- usually means adding headcount in finance, too. And that exercise has been front-and-center for CFO Mark Castaneda since he joined Primo Water in March 2008.

  • News: Study: Broadband stimulus overlapped existing service

    A new study suggests broadband stimulus money from a U.S. agency is building projects that largely compete with existing service.

  • News: Ready or not, iPad, other tablets are in the enterprise

    Any IT department hoping to escape the headaches of supporting iPads in the enterprise should realize that they're more than likely already being brought into the workplace.

  • News: Solid Q1 results set stage for Google's Page

    Google reported solid growth in the first quarter, just as co-founder Larry Page prepares to usher in a new chapter in the company's history.

  • News: Taptu brings customized news approach to iPad

    Having already delivered its personalized approach to news feeds in an iPhone-friendly app, Taptu has now set its sights on the iPad. The software developer on Thursday announced an update to its Taptu social news feed reader that optimizes the app for all iOS devices.

  • News: Microsoft demos IE10 on ARM, and it looks good

    Microsoft has given a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it demonstration of Internet Explorer running on an ARM computer at the MIX11 show in Las Vegas.

  • News: Apple patches Pwn2Own, Comodo hack bugs

    Apple today patched bugs in iOS and Safari used at last month's Pwn2Own hacking contest by three teams of researchers who collectively earned $45,000 for their work.

  • News: Apple iOS 4.3.2 update addresses FaceTime, 3G shortcomings

    Apple Thursday issued its iOS 4.3.2 mobile operating system release, an update designed to make FaceTime video calls and 3G wireless connectivity work better.

  • News: Report: Nintendo Announcing New Console at E3

    Nintendo will be revealing a new console at E3, Game Informer is reporting. "Multiple sources" confirm that it will be able to play games in high-definition, and that Nintendo is currently showing it off to publishers.

  • News: Tablets continue to cannibalize PC sales

    PC sales suffered in the first quarter, and analysts are placing the blame on the tablet market and the disaster in Japan.

  • News: Browser rivals mock Microsoft's 'native HTML5' claims

    Mozilla and Opera have mocked Microsoft's use of the term "native HTML5" to describe IE9 and the upcoming IE10 as an oxymoron, an attempt to hijack an open standard and a marketing ploy.

  • News: Japan disaster slows cell phone manufacturing

    The earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan have hit manufacturers of CMOS image sensors, a key ingredient in most mobile phones.

  • News: CD Projekt RED conference

    The team behind The Witcher and Good Old Games held its spring conference today, and there were a few interesting announcements.

  • News: Pokemon Global Link is finally live for all regions

    If you've been playing Pokemon Black Version or Pokemon White Version anywhere but Japan, you've likely been unable to access the Pokemon Dream World due to development issues with the Pokemon Global Link website. Finally, the wait is over, as GameFreak and Nintendo have officially opened up the Pokemon Global Link worldwide. All you have to do is register to send, trade, and collect new Pokemon with the online portal.

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