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  • News: Vodafone slashes data prices for travellers to Europe

    Vodafone is to make it cheaper for UK customers to use smartphones when in mainland Europe, in all Vodafone's European countries, plus France, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria.

  • News: South Korean defence minister: 'This isn't StarCraft'

    Defending the delay in his nation's response to North Korean shell attacks, South Korean defence minister drew a surprising comparison with a computer game, saying "This isn't StarCraft."

  • News: Microsoft patents 'tactile touchscreen'

    Microsoft has patented a tactile touchscreen that uses pixel-sized shape-memory plastic cells to produce a 'real' texture, reflecting what is seen on the screen. The technique is designed to give users sufficient feedback to make it feel as though they are interacting with the images pictured on their screen, which may make physical keyboards a thing of the past.

  • News: Orange, T-Mobile offer Apple iPad for £199

    Orange and T-Mobile have confirmed the discounted prices they will be offering on the Apple iPad under their joint 'Everything, Everywhere' brand - you can pick up an iPad for an initial cost of only £199, representing an initial 'saving' of £330.

  • News: Pirate Bay convictions confirmed on appeal

    Three men found guilty of being accessories to crimes against copyright law for their part in running The Pirate Bay have lost their appeal, while a fourth man still awaits trial.

  • News: Microsoft investigates Windows UAC hack

    Microsoft is investigating reports of an unpatched vulnerability in the Windows kernel that could be used by attackers to sidestep an important operating system security measure.

  • News: WikiLeaks links China to Google attack

    The cache of more than 250,000 US Department of State cables that WikiLeaks began releasing on Sunday includes a document linking China's Politburo to the December 2009 hack of Google's computer systems

  • News: Google Maps faces July 2011 deadline in China

    China will investigate and prosecute Google next July if the search engine company does not acquire the necessary state license to operate its Google Maps service in the country, according to the government.

  • News: Orange & T-Mobile confirm cheap iPads

    Orange, T-Mobile and 3 are offering new purchase options for Apple's iPad users, including what the companies will insist are more affordable prices when purchased with a data service plan.

  • News: Call of Duty: Black Ops hits 6.9 billion kills

    Activision's "Call of Duty: Black Ops" - On Saturday an in-game counter noted that the cumulative number of kills in the game has surpassed the planet's real-world population, which stands at about 6.9 billio

  • News: Analysis: How easy it is to commit ID fraud

    Most people think they have nothing worth stealing, but they'd be wrong. We talk to the founder of a company that helps organisations find out which employees pose a security risk because they're likely to fall prey to social engineering traps and other cons. He explains just how easy it is to commit ID fraud.

  • News: 12 apps to boost your Android smartphone

    Make your Android device run longer, run smarter, and run almost anywhere with this collection of essential apps

  • News: Buyer's guide: How to choose a Linux laptop

    With the many choices and factors to consider, choosing a laptop of any kind can be a considerable challenge. Choosing one for use with Linux, however, brings its own special set of considerations, since it's not yet always a plug-and-play world for the open source operating system.

  • News: Pictures: The best clothes with built-in technology

    From a sweatshirt with built-in headphones to a backpack with a solar panel on the back, these high-tech garments are sure to intrigue any technology enthusiast.

  • News: More than a third of laptops buyers want a Mac

    More than a third of American consumers planning to purchase a laptop in the next 90 days will buy from Apple, a market research company said this week.

  • News: Swedish judge confirms Pirate Bay convictions on appeal

    Three men found guilty of being accessories to crimes against copyright law for their part in running The Pirate Bay have lost their appeal, while a fourth man still awaits trial.

  • News: Nominet considering letting police close down websites

    UK domain name registry Nominet is considering allowing Police to close down websites that are being used for criminal activity.

  • News: Kent ISP trialling 100Mbps wireless broadband

    Residents in Kent are taking part in a trial of wireless broadband that is expected to offer speeds of 'up-to' 100Mbps.

  • News: BT: Not all fibre connections will achieve 100Mbps

    The first areas of the UK to be given access to BT's fibre network will not be able to access speeds of 100Mbps, the telecommunications company has confirmed.

  • News: iPad 2 to feature two cameras and USB?

    Rumours continue to swirl over Apple's next generation iPad, and one reliable Taiwanese newspaper says the new device will be out in the first quarter of 2011, complete with video calling, two cameras, new display and touch technology, and a USB port to connect easily to other devices.

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