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  • News: Keep your Mac safe from Web security flaws

    This year there have been numerous reports suggesting that the fundamental security infrastructure of the Web is on shaky ground. In March we heard about a collection of stolen security certificates, and in August the release of more than 500 improperly issued certificates came to light.

  • News: iPhone 5: Apple staff told to cancel holidays

    Staff at Apple UK have been told to cancel their holiday plans for the first two weeks of October, it has been claimed.

  • News: A Day in the Woods: Red Riding Hood and Puzzles

    Tired of endlessly staring at Bejeweled Blitz with dead, joyless glazed-over eyes? Then why not try a new puzzler that offers something a little bit different?

  • News: Amazon, Barnes & Noble Tablets should be Holiday Stars

    Apple's popular iPad -- the undisputed champ of tablets with nearly three-quarters of the market -- may soon have some serious competition from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

  • News: Apply Finder labels from the keyboard

    The Finder lets you apply different color labels to your files and folders, using the File -> Label control. But there's no way to apply those labels from your keyboard, right? Wrong! Hints reader gabester discovered that indeed there is a way, if you're willing to work for it up front. Here's how:

  • News: Intel's MIC processor finds a big customer in Texas

    Intel's forthcoming MIC processor will be used by the Texas Advanced Computing Center to build a supercomputer with a peak performance of 10 petaflops that will eventually be upgraded to "at least" 15 petaflops.

  • News: PC Arkham City will be 'Worth the Wait,' Says Director

    Speaking at the Eurogamer Expo this weekend, Arkham City game director Sefton Hill assured PC gamers that the delay to their version of the game would be worth it.

  • News: IT gets energized with budget upticks

    This past summer, many members of the IT staff at Daymon Worldwide took a well-deserved break. For two years, there had been no time off, as IT was fully engaged with a master data management initiative, with the goal of creating a definitive source of operational data that provides all employees with accurate information in real time.

  • News: Extreme's Wi-Fi wallplates speed 802.11n expansion, performance

    A Wi-Fi wallplate from Extreme Networks promises a simple way to expand 802.11n deployments, with plenty of power to reach battery-operated wireless tablets and smartphones.

  • News: Juggling IT's social media roles

    When a late arrival thought he'd catch up on the buzz at a recent conference of CIOs, he logged in to Twitter. What he found -- or rather, didn't find -- amazed him.

  • News: Getting IT reorgs right

    For a lot of enterprises, frequent IT reorganizations are a fact of life. Revamping hardware, applications, processes and staff has become a hallmark of the technology function at some organizations.

  • News: Elgan: Fighting Facebook feature fatigue

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said this week that his social network is now "a new way to express who you are."

  • News: iPhone 5 MIA as 10 Million Samsung Galaxy S IIs Ship

    Samsung has managed to ship more than 10 million Galaxy S II Android smartphones even before hitting the U.S. market, while Apple’s iPhone 5 remains just a rumor. Samsung released the phone in global markets five months ago, but its arrival in the U.S. is expected to clash with the launch of the iPhone 5.

  • News: 9 hot IT skills for 2012

    Slowly but surely, many U.S. companies are loosening their viselike grips on IT hiring and looking to add new staffers to bolster business growth in the year ahead.

  • News: How to Conduct a Job Search: What You Need to Know Today

    When IT Director Henry Hirschel started his job search in June 2011, his first move wasn't to hit a job board looking for ads for IT leadership positions. His first step was to connect with his network.

  • News: iPhone 5 launch announcement 'to be held at Cupertino'

    Apple will unveil the next-generation iPhone at a launch event held on its own Cupertino campus, according to a report.

  • News: Healthcare CIOs Tell Job Seekers to Keep Skills Sharp

    IT professionals seeking jobs in healthcare should know that CIOs in that field look for applicants with a history of upgrading their tech and management skills. Insider (registration required)

  • News: Oracle, Google will hold third settlement conference

    Oracle and Google will engage in another attempt to settle their lawsuit over alleged Java patent and copyright violations in the Android mobile OS.

  • News: Amazon Kindle Tablet: Android Tablet or eReader on Steroids?

    Amazon is expected to unveil its Kindle Tablet at a press event in New York on Wednesday. From what we know so far about the device, it seems like it might be the first tablet rival capable of really competing with the Apple iPad. Based on the size and use of the Kindle brand, though, it is reasonable to wonder whether the Kindle Tablet is a true tablet PC, or just a Kindle with some tablet features.

  • News: Mobile broadband data is king to telcos

    The amount of data generated by business technology systems, digital cameras and mobile phones has grown over the past several years.

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