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  • News: DEMO '11: Whodini tracks down your company's in-house experts

    Whodini doesn't want you to waste an entire day emailing coworkers looking for the one guy in your company who knows the ins and outs of SIP trunks.

  • News: Acer, Asus to bring Intel's Thunderbolt to Windows PCs

    Acer and Asustek Computer next year will deliver Windows PCs with Intel's Thunderbolt interconnect, which for a time was available exclusively on Apple's Macintosh computers, Intel said on Wednesday.

  • News: Facebook adds new 'subscribe' button: Watch out Twitter

    Facebook is extending the scope of its site into Twitter and Google+ territory by making it possible for Facebook members to subscribe to each other's public posts without necessarily having to be approved friends.

  • News: Kindle suffers slowdown as eReaders dip

    As the world awaits the Amazon Android tablet the popular Kindle eReader suffers a seasonal dip in sales.

  • News: Sierra Leone highlights broadband challenges

    As CTO Ventures, a commercial subsidiary of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO), launched its low-cost "borderless" mobile data roaming service for member states earlier this week, Sierra Leone's information minister highlighted challenges facing broadband implementation in his country and other Commonwealth states.

  • News: Android tablets lose ground to BlackBerry PlayBook as iPad soars

    Increased demand for the iPad 2, 1 million HP TouchPads and the launch of the BlackBerry Playbook pushed Google Android tablet market share down below 30%.

  • News: Windows 8 will run from USB thumb drive

    Windows 8 will include a new feature that lets IT administrators provide workers with a portable Windows environment on a USB thumb drive.

  • News: Facebook Updates Android App with More Privacy Controls

    If you liked the recent changes Facebook made to improve privacy, then you'll want to upgrade immediately to the latest version of the social network's app for Android smartphones.

  • News: VMWare Fusion 4 takes on Parallels 7

    Parallels and VMWare are locked in an arms-race. Both vendors make software that enables you to run Windows on your Mac. They’ve been stuck in a tit-for-tat release cycle for years now: Every twelve months or so, one of them releases a new version of its software with a bunch of whizzy new features. Some days or weeks afterwards, the other one releases its own new version—usually with many of the same new features.

  • News: PC-Exclusive Cyberpunk Shooter Hard Reset Out Today

    PC-exclusive shooters are somewhat more thin on the ground than they used to be, as console players dominate the multiplayer arena thanks to titles like Call of Duty. Hard Reset, from new Polish developer Flying Wild Hog, is an unapologetic love letter to those who remember the "good old days" before regenerating health, cover systems and having to constantly reload weapons. It's an all-out action extravaganza featuring lots of robots and the player as a one-man army sent out to stop them.

  • News: Halo News: Classic Map Returns, Reach Title Update Inbound

    Long-time Halo multiplayer fans will be well familiar with Halo 2's Headlong map, offering large scale vehicle friendly online mayhem. The map has been reimagined and rebranded "Breakneck" in the upcoming Halo: Anniversary, and will provide plenty of entertainment for 8-16 players when the game releases in mid-November.

  • News: Xbox Live Coming to PC with Windows 8

    Speaking via his blog, Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb announced yesterday that Windows 8 would incorporate Xbox Live functionality. Clumsily dubbed "Xbox Live on Windows," the service promises to "bring your games, music, movies and TV shows to your favorite Microsoft and Windows devices" and seems to be an attempt to forget that Games for Windows Live ever existed -- or at least a rebrand.

  • News: TGS: Sony's Press Conference Roundup

    Nintendo may have brought the games, but Sony definitely brought the hardware at their pre-TGS press conference tonight. Launch dates, PlayStation 2 remakes, and lots more was covered at the event, and we've got all the details. If you watched our liveblog you're already up to speed, but if not, here are a few noteworthy highlights of SCEJ's Vita-heavy presser:

  • News: LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack Available Today

    The LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack releases today for $9.99, and brings with it full Move support for the original story and community levels. It also provides a new story mode known as Rise of the Cakeling, featuring 14 new levels. And for Move-wielding creative types, the pack also offers a selection of new tools for use in level building.

  • News: From brainstorm to outline: Why I use OPML

    Successful projects start with thorough planning. You aren’t going to create a compelling business proposal by scratching a few notes on a cocktail napkin then firing up Keynote. You need to plan first. For me, planning means making an outline, and outlining means using OPML.

  • News: Alan Partridge on Kindle: Better than iPad

    The iPad and Android tablets are too distracting, says shamed TV legend Alan Partridge as he promotes his new autobiography.

  • News: Blocked from China, Twitter goes after overseas Chinese

    Twitter plans to offer a Chinese-language user interface in the coming weeks. But the company doesn't expect the bulk of the Chinese speaking population will be using it anytime soon.

  • News: Minecraft 1.8 'Adventure Update' Available Now

    It's fair to say that version 1.8 of Minecraft, also known as the Adventure Update, has been hotly anticipated by the game's millions of fans. Offering a significant update over previous versions, the game rewards both exploration and combat to a much greater degree than previous versions while still keeping the goal-free sandbox play so beloved of its proponents intact.

  • News: The two faces of Windows 8 Developer Preview

    A first hands-on look at the just-released Developer Preview of Windows 8 (which became available last night at the Windows Dev Center site) reveals an operating system poised halfway between yesterday's desktop and tomorrow's touch-screen interface. I installed it on a PC, but the OS seems built more for tablets and mobile devices than traditional computers,

  • News: Second carrier in Canada starts LTE service

    Canada's biggest phone company has launched LTE wireless data service five cities, including the nation's largest municipality.

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