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  • News: BT Wholesale appoints new chief executive

    BT Wholesale has appointed a new chief executive as Sally Davis steps down for personal reasons.

  • News: 'iPhone 5' component images leaked online

    Photographs of what are claimed to be the camera lens and earphone audio jack of the iPhone 5 have surfaced on the web.

  • News: Google needs to make more privacy improvements, says Information Commissioner

    Google needs to strengthen its privacy policies, in spite of some improvements in recent month, the Information Commissioner has ruled.

  • News: Smartphones stolen in riots turning up on auction sites

    Smartphones stolen during the recent riots in London and other cities appear to be turning up for sale in large numbers, goods tracking company Recipero has found.

  • News: No iPad 3 in 2011 - report

    Apple's plans to launch the iPad 3 before the end of 2011 have been scuppered by a lack of Retina displays, according to industry sources in Taiwan.

  • News: Dell expects Windows 8, Android to boost tablet market

    Dell expects both Windows 8 and Android to be credible options for tablet customers next year, and indicated it plans to offer products built around the two operating systems, a company executive said on Wednesday.

  • News: Remains of the Day: Magically delicious

    Apple retail stores may be in for an LTE surprise, the architects behind the Apple campus "spaceship" are revealed, and Starbucks is handing out apps with its frappes. The remainders for Tuesday, August 16, 2011 have been whipped and made to order.

  • News: ICANN chief Beckstrom to step down

    The head of the organization chartered with managing some of the Internet's complex routing systems is stepping down.

  • News: Your PS3 Can Now Rent Movies On the Cheap

    Hey you -- do you want to watch movies, but not enough to justify an $8 monthly charge from Netflix? Or maybe you just don't like the idea of giving your money to The Ministry of Plenty Netflix, or something? Well, Sony's got an... unconventional assortment of movies to stream for as low as $0.99 a pop, starting now.

  • News: C++ upgrade gets unanimous approval

    The ISO says that C++11 will support parallel algorithms and boast improved performance

  • News: Assassin's Creed Coming to PlayStation Vita

    Ubisoft is developing six games for the PlayStation Vita: Assassin's Creed, Rayman: Origins, Asphalt, Dungeon Hunter Alliance, Lumines, and Michael Jackson: The Experience.

  • News: Signs your vulnerability management program is failing

    Before we can address the question of how you can tell if your vulnerability management program is failing, we must answer a basic question: What is a vulnerability management program?

  • News: Chrome improves anti-malware blocking score by 340%

    Google's Chrome blocked four times more malicious sites and malware than a year ago, but Firefox 4 was much less effective at warning users of danger than Mozilla's browser last year, according to a report from NSS Labs.

  • News: HTC files patent infringement case against Apple

    HTC has filed a lawsuit against Apple for allegedly infringing on three patents, the latest in the legal battle raging between the companies.

  • News: First AT&T LTE devices to drop next week

    Although we don't know yet just when AT&T will fire up its LTE network, we now know that AT&T will start selling LTE gear next week.

  • News: XXX Pricing Set, Businesses Claim Domain Extortion

    As the world's largest Internet registrar announced its rates for the XXX adult entertainment domain set to appear in December, reports began appearing of businesses complaining about being forced to buy domain names they have no desire to buy.

  • News: Search for substrings in Safari

    Blogger Pierre Igot was frustrated with the search behavior in Lion's Safari. Back in Snow Leopard's version of Safari, if you hit Command-F (or selected Edit -> Find) and then entered a string of text, the program would find any instance of that text in the current webpage: It would match the search string whether it was a whole word or just part of one. But in Lion's Safari, search didn't work the same way: It matched strings that were whole words or that appeared at the beginnings of words, but didn't find them within words. So, for example, searching this page for man in Snow Leopard would find my last name in the byline above; in Lion, by default, it doesn't.

  • News: SpyEye Source Code Is a Double-Edged Sword

    The source code of the SpyEye malware development kit is now available thanks to Xyliton and the Reverse Engineers Dream Crew (RED Crew). At face value, this is great news because it helps the security industry understand and combat SpyEye, but there is also a down side.

  • News: Minecraft Pocket Edition Hits Android App Store

    So, Minecraft. Or more specifically, Minecraft in your pocket: the long awaited (since it was announced at the end of May, at least) Minecraft Pocket Edition is now up for grabs -- provided you've got $6.99 to spare, and you're one of the folks who picked up Sony's Xperia Play.

  • News: Twitter adds photo function to API

    Twitter has added a native function to its API for attaching images to posts, designed to make it easier for third-party developers to include photos with their applications' messages, or "tweets."

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