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  • News: 'Advanced persistent threat' concerns boosting security budgets

    Heightened awareness about stealthy network attacks designed to steal sensitive information -- what some call the "advanced persistent threat" -- is having an impact in raising security budgets and increasing executive management involvement in information technology, according to a survey published today.

  • News: ABC's of ADCs in the cloud

    Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) are critical to a smoothly functioning data center. They provide key functions including server load balancing, monitoring the health of servers and apps; protecting the data center from distributed denial-of-service attacks, performing SSL encryption and decryption; making servers more efficient by managing connections, running specialized application scripts and accelerating applications.

  • News: Twelve South PlugBug combines MacBook, iPad chargers

    Frequent travelers will welcome the arrival of Twelve South's newest accessory, the PlugBug. An add-on for your MacBook's power brick, the PlugBug allows you to charge a USB device--such as your iPhone or iPad--while simultaneously charging your laptop.

  • News: Apple misses end of October deadline for iTunes Match

    As November is ushered in, at least one Halloween specter is still hanging over the Mac community: The ghost of iTunes Match. The cloud music feature of Apple's iCloud service was supposed to debut by the end of October, but Apple has uncharacteristically missed its own deadline.

  • News: Apple launches iPhone 4S in Hong Kong; China next

    Apple will launch the iPhone 4S in Hong Kong, South Korea and 13 other countries on Nov. 11, with pre-orders starting this Friday.

  • News: UK Foreign Secretary warns of 'darker' online scenario

    U.K. Foreign Secretary William Hague warned on Tuesday that a "darker scenario" could prevail if governments do not ensure safe and reliable Internet access.

  • News: HP's first ARM server for testing only

    Hewlett-Packard is developing servers based on a low-power microprocessor design from ARM Holdings, and claims it can slash power and space requirements by as much as 90 percent for companies running certain Web-based applications, HP announced Tuesday.

  • News: The Apple switchboard

    When Brent Albert went searching for a new phone system to serve his Oklahoma motorcycle dealership, he didn’t end up with the fanciest, cheapest, or most technically dazzling. He went with a FacetPhone system that uses the Mac mini ($570-770; ) as a hub for routing calls, storing voicemails, and keeping his salespeople connected to their customers.

  • News: Sorenson updates Squeeze, debuts Squeeze 8 Lite

    Sorenson Media, which typically updates its Squeeze video encoding/transcoding utility on a yearly basis, has announced Squeeze 8, an upgrade that promises enhanced functionality and ease-of-use. The new price is $599, a $200 price cut from the previous version.

  • News: Biden, Cameron hit out at Internet censorship, hacking

    U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden and British Prime Minister David Cameron Tuesday condemned efforts by some countries to censor their citizens' use of the Internet, making a case that free expression online has long-term benefits.

  • News: IPhone 4S to hit Hong Kong, South Korea, more on Nov. 11

    Less than a week after Apple extended the iPhone 4S's international reach to 29 countries, the company has announced the next wave of its global expansion. On November 11, the latest model of the iPhone will go on sale in an additional 15 countries.

  • News: Researchers defeat CAPTCHA on popular websites

    Researchers from Stanford University have developed an automated tool that is capable of deciphering text-based anti-spam tests used by many popular websites with a significant degree of accuracy.

  • News: Safaricom offers locally hosted cloud service

    Safaricom has launched its new cloud offering by pledging to host its Mpesa mobile money service locally, aiming to reassure the market after downtimes caused by international transit-link failures.

  • News: Google to let users see the 'Why?' behind Gmail, search ads

    Help is on the way for anyone who has ever been puzzled by Google's choice of ads in their Gmail messages and their search results pages.

  • News: Standardizing the desktop: Strategies for success

    IT is often at the forefront of technology innovation -- but not always. When it comes to the concept of a standard desktop -- every employee's core install that consists of an operating system, applications, hardware drivers and a security suite -- IT has moved at a snail's pace.

  • News: How e-health records improve healthcare: a cancer patient's story

    Pam Crum was 22 weeks pregnant in October 2004 when she noticed a red rash on one breast. Her doctor thought it was simply an inflammation that sometimes occurs in lactating mothers. Over a couple of weeks, the rash worsened. Then a lump formed.

  • News: They are the 11 percent (or less) who really get security

    Our survey shows only a small percentage of respondents making a top priority of data protection, strengthened governance and risk-based investments.

  • News: Video: Supply of critical rare-earth elements used in smartphones to expand

    Tucked in the middle of the Desert, near the Nevada Border, Molycorp’s Mountain Pass, California mine specializes in finding rare earth elements hiding in regular-looking rocks.

  • News: IPass lets businesses control mobile Wi-Fi usage

    The new version of iPass' Open Mobile platform has added security and more controls for enterprises to keep track of data usage, the company said on Tuesday.

  • News: Nations collaborate on Do Not Call Register

    The Australian Media and Communications Authority’s (ACMA) push to eliminate nuisance telemarketing calls could get a boost following the inaugural International Do Not Call (DNC) Forum held in Paris on Friday.

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