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  • News: Mobile messages to top 3.5 trillion this year in APAC: Ovum

    The number of mobile text, picture and video messages sent in Asia-Pacific (AP) will top 3.5 trillion this year, up 14 per cent from the 3 trillion sent last year, according to Ovum. The global messaging market represents 7.5 trillion traffic in 2011 and it is not a surprise that AP holds almost 50% of the share.

  • News: Windows Server 8: Massive storage enhancements ahead

    In the first part of my 2-part review of Windows Server 8 I looked at some of the best of the more than 300 new features Microsoft packed into the upcoming server OS. Now it's time to turn our attention to some massive storage enhancements.

  • News: Are Your Eyes Ready for Dual LCD Monitor Glasses?

    Vuzix's 1200 line takes a novel approach to 3D gaming. Instead of headache-inducing shutter glasses, their glasses offer dual LCD monitors. GamePro explains.

  • News: Skype closes Windows gap with improved Facebook integration

    Just five weeks after releasing its last update, Skype has unveiled beta version 5.4 of its Mac client. The new update promises to add improved Facebook integration, as well as bring the Mac version of the popular VOIP software more in line with Skype for Windows.

  • News: Windows Server 8: Highlights of the upcoming server OS

    On September 8th, shortly before the public unveiling of Windows 8 client, I headed over to Redmond for a two-day meeting where Microsoft talked about what's in store for Windows Server 8. According to Microsoft's Bill Laing, Corporate Vice President for the Server and Cloud Division, the server team implemented over 300 new features, all of which "target businesses that are moving to the cloud and manage servers and devices, whether they're physical or virtual, on-premise or off-premise."

  • News: Judge strikes part of Oracle's Java lawsuit against Google

    A federal judge threw out a small part of Oracle's Java lawsuit against Google on Thursday but allowed the bulk of the case to proceed.

  • News: A crash course in PostgreSQL, part 2

    In part 1, we learned important PostgreSQL fundamentals. Today, we'll learn how to populate a table with data, and about important concepts like schema, normalization, views, and transactions.

  • News: RIM's PlayBook shipments drop in half

    PlayBook shipments dropped in half for Research In Motion during its second quarter, which also saw revenue continue to plummet.

  • News: 'Consumerization of IT' Taking Its Toll on IT Managers

    "Consumerization of IT" may be an overused phrase, but it is by no means a fad. Workers nationwide are coming to expect that personal devices will connect to corporate networks.

  • News: TGS: Japan Gets a $500 Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Edition PS3

    If you liked Final Fantasy XIII and are already planning your New Year's budget around Final Fantasy XIII-2, you might want to have an extra $500 handy.

  • News: TGS: Square Enix Announces Mobile Final Fantasy Legends

    Despite not having any native Japanese speakers on staff, Touch Arcade not only pieced together the details of Square Enix?'s new mobile RPG, but the possible English name, should the title come stateside.

  • News: Rebuttal: Remaking Final Fantasy VII Would Be a Bad Idea

    Japanese RPG fans are really passionate about the whole issue of whether or not Final Fantasy VII should be remade. In fact, not long after McKinley posted his passionate opinion on the matter, I got two separate pitches from freelancers wanting to write a rebuttal. But as McKinley is my peer here at GamePro, maybe it's best that I respond myself. I don't have any illusions that this piece will put the issue to bed for good, but I can at least explain why I think remaking Final Fantasy VII would be a bad idea.

  • News: PSN Update Shields Sony From Lawsuits

    Sony may not be familiar with how to properly secure their own online service, but when it comes to high-profile lawsuits, they've got all of the dance steps down to a science.

  • News: Dead Island Racks Up 1 Million Units Shipped in Just a Week

    It looks like a rough PC launch and some unfortunate gender-bashing didn't affect sales of Dead Island for the worse, as publisher Deep Silver reports that the game has successfully shipped a million copies in just a week.

  • News: The Avengers Video Game: What Could Have Been

    Leaked footage and screens of The Avengers suggests recently closed THQ studio was working on a really promising title. See for yourself.

  • News: Mobile startups push health at Demo

    Smartphones can help make people healthier, according to three startups that stood out among young mobile companies presenting their ideas at the Demo Fall conference this week.

  • News: Bot army being assembled, awaiting orders

    A mammoth army of infected computers is being assembled, but it's unclear yet what purpose they will be put to.

  • News: Canon Announces New High-End Point-and-Shoot Cameras

    Canon announced two new cameras Thursday morning as part of its PowerShot line of point-and-shoot cameras. The two models, the S100 and the SX40 HS, are upgrades for the S95 and the SX30 IS respectively and both cameras are seeing incremental upgrades rather than radical changes.

  • News: Microsoft previews Compiler-as-a-Service software

    Microsoft will release a CTP (Community Technology Preview) of a new type of compiler its researchers have been building, code-named Project Roslyn, the company executive overseeing the C# programming language announced Thursday.

  • News: RIM's PlayBook shipments halve

    PlayBook shipments dropped in half for Research In Motion during its second quarter, which also saw revenue continue to plummet.

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