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  • News: ChangeWave: iOS still in demand despite no new iPhone

    Just because Apple hasn't released a new iPhone in more than a year doesn't mean demand for the handset is waning. The latest survey from market research firm ChangeWave Research shows that Apple's mobile platform is maintaining a high level of demand as well as attaining solid satisfaction numbers. And, in good news for Cupertino, the announcement of the company's iCloud online service may actually bring in more users.

  • News: AWS: CIOs can use the Cloud to become more strategic

    When Amazon Web Services (AWS) chief technology officer, Werner Vogels, joined the organisation in 2004, the focus was very much on servicing customers in a retail environment. The concept of commercially available, robust, scalable infrastructure was just that -- a concept.

  • News: Skyward Sword Playable by Public for First Time at Comic-Con

    Anticipation is building for the new Zelda game, so Nintendo is letting the public get its hands on the upcoming title for the first time at Comic-Con this month.

  • News: Arcada Mia: A 'Groundbreaking' and 'Mature' Game

    Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble! developer Mousechief has a new game on the way, which promises "an intimate experience of humanity struggling through the ages."

  • News: VMware CTO looks back at 'wild ride'

    Most of VMware's original management team has left, but CTO Stephen Herrod is still around to tell the tale of the company’s early days.

  • News: Halo Anniversary Pre-Order Bonuses

    Microsoft has announced the pre-order goodies that gamers looking forward to the upcoming Halo Anniversary will be able to get their hands on.

  • News: New job for mainframes: Hosting private clouds

    Mention cloud computing to a mainframe professional, and he's likely to roll his eyes. Cloud is just a much-hyped new name for what mainframes have done for years, he'll say.

  • News: Anonymous takes aim at Google+ in more ways than one

    Google+ may be getting some attention it doesn't want -- from Anonymous, which says it will target the new social networking site that launched last month.

  • News: Ubisoft Launching Uplay Passport with Driver San Francisco

    Ubisoft has confirmed it's launching a $10 online pass system with the new Driver game next month, offering access to "exclusive bonus content" and online play.

  • News: A New Cloud Gaming Challenger Appears: Happy Cloud

    Gaming in the cloud is the future, or so we're told -- new contender Happy Cloud is doing things a little differently from OnLive, though.

  • News: CFOs playing bigger role in IT decisions, survey says

    In an increasing number of organizations, it's not the CIO who's deciding which IT projects should get funding -- it's the chief financial officer.

  • News: Should CIOs have a foreign policy?

    In July 2005, a series of suicide bomb attacks in London's transit system killed 56 people and threw the city into a state of confusion. The U.S.-based CEO of a multinational financial company with offices in London posed what to him seemed a simple and essential question: "Are all our people OK?"

  • News: Apple iOS still rules but Windows Phone 7 edges Android in user satisfaction

    Apple's iOS-based iPhone remains the most preferred smartphone, for half of all prospective buyers surveyed. About one-third prefer Android phones. But for the first time, Windows Phone 7 outstrips Android in user satisfaction.

  • News: Serve the Uprising: Vote for Your Favorite Xbox Indie Games

    The Indie Games Summer Uprising aims to raise the profile of some of the excellent titles on Xbox Live Indie Games. Now it's your chance to help choose the final two to be promoted.

  • News: Legendary Game Label Gremlin Graphics Returns

    Legendary 80s and 90s game label Gremlin is set to return with a reimagining of one of its Commodore 64 classics for iPhone.

  • News: Cloud Cures Hospital's Ailing Email System

    Grady Health Systems recently installed a cloud-based version of Microsoft Exchange to update an email service that had become a huge headache for the company's medical staff and IT team.

  • News: Amazon unveils Kindle Textbook Rental

    Amazon on Monday announced Kindle Textbook Rental, which will enable students to save up to 80 percent off the retail prices of textbooks, by renting them as ebooks from the Kindle Store, instead of purchasing them outright. It’s like a library—only one that you pay for the privilege of borrowing from.

  • News: Best Voice Recognition Apps for Your Smartphone

    Voice-recognition software is nothing new. But put it on a smartphone, and it comes to life. All of the frustrations of trying to control your PC by voice--fiddling for a microphone, repeating yourself again and again, resisting the urge to relent and turn to your trusty keyboard--are eliminated when you use the same technology on your mobile phone.

  • News: Netflix raises rates for streaming, DVD subscriptions

    On Tuesday, Netflix hiked up its rates for combined DVD and streaming plans. Beginning immediately for new customers, and in September for existing customers, you’ll need to subscribe at least to an $8 DVD-only plan, an $8 streaming-only plan, or a $16 combined plan.

  • News: 6 simple steps toward IPv6

    Upgrading your Web site to support IPv6 doesn't have to be hard or expensive. Here are six simple steps toward adopting IPv6 from companies that are already offering IPv6 content:

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