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  • News: Speedy Thunderbolt devices slowly coming to market

    Talk to tech industry insiders about the new Thunderbolt data ports in the latest generation of Apple computers, and one concept repeatedly pops up: Speed. The technology enables data transfer at speeds and volume that few consumers have ever seen before.

  • News: Fake iPhone ring in China broken up - report

    Police in Shanghai have broken up an operation making and selling fake iPhones to the Chinese market, according to reports.

  • News: Quark App Studio will support iOS 5 Newsstand feature

    Quark App Studio, a feature in the QuarkXPress DTP package that lets you created branded iPad apps, will support iOS 5's Newsstand feature, Quark has announced.

  • News: Crazed Oblivion Fan Prints, Binds In-Game Book Collection

    File this under "You're kidding, right?" No, we're not kidding, and neither is this Reddit fellow, notadoctoreither, who posted snaps of his almost unbelievable (but no, we have pictures as proof) attempt to convert The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion's entire in-game collection of books into a Tome of Ultimate Geekness.

  • Video: Video: Intel drops MeeGo, backs Tizen against Android

    Linux Foundation and Limo Foundation are rebooting their efforts to compete with Apple and the Android camp by merging MeeGo and Limo into a new operating system called Tizen, with the backing of Intel and Samsung.

  • News: What is the role of private sector in the IGF?

    International Governance Forum (IGF) has been a favorable internet governance platform and has preconditioned the internet to provide continued investment, innovation and development to businesses. Without the IGF there would be no adequate global space for discussion on current Internet governance issues among all relevant actors.

  • News: GESCI launched in Kenya

    The Global eSchools Community Initiative (GESCI) founded by the UN ICT Task Force was today launched in Kenya at the ongoing IGF conference. The independent international non-governmental organisation (NGO) will contribute to the development of a knowledge society through the provision of strategic advice and technical support on the integration of ICT in Education, Science, Technology and Innovation systems in Kenya. GESCI plans to assist the Ministry of Eduction in their plan to have a holistic integration of ICT in teaching, learning, research and innovation.

  • News: Show dates and times in Mail's message list

    One of the new features in Apple's Mail app in Lion (Mac OS X 10.7) is a widescreen-friendly, three-column layout, displaying your mailboxes on the left, your message list in the middle, and a message preview on the right. I love this layout--I used a Mail add-on to get it under Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6)--but it's not without drawbacks.

  • Video: Video: Cisco sees new security role in cloud

    A Cisco executive said enterprise security is changing in the age of the cloud, at the Mobolize Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday.

  • News: Apple's latest Mini gets a 'serious' speed boost

    Since its unveiling in January 2005, the Mac Mini has been the cheapest Mac that Apple sells, making it the least expensive way to get hardware that natively runs OS X. In the past, this usually meant settling for older components -- especially compared to the pricier iMac and MacBook Pro lines. Although Apple has updated the Mini's look several times since its debut -- most recently in 2010 -- the internal hardware often received only minor improvements.

  • Video: Video: Amazon unveils Kindle Fire tablet

    The $200 Android tablet will join a crowded market dominated by Apple's iPad.

  • News: Amazon's Silk Browser May Not Be Smooth With Privacy

    The most interesting feature on Amazon’s newly announced Kindle Fire tablet may be its Silk web browser. The browser promises to improve webpage loading performance by using Amazon’s servers to help render pages. But this performance boost may come at a cost: Security experts have already voiced concern about Silk, and what it might mean for your privacy and security.

  • News: How to Sync Your PC, Smartphone, and Tablet

    A few years ago businesspeople carried a laptop on the road, used a desktop PC in the office, and worked on another PC at home. Maybe they had a BlackBerry, too--but only if they were real big shots.

  • News: We7 removes free unlimited on-demand music streaming

    We7 has discontinued its free unlimited on-demand music-streaming.

  • News: Big News from BoxWorks '11

    Today is the inaugural Box.net conference for customers and developers--BoxWorks. Box.net CEO and co-founder used the event to announce a slew of new features and updates, as well as a few key partnerships.

  • News: How Do You Support Telecommuters?

    One crucial step in implementing teleworking is to ensure that groups of remote users engaging in the same project can easily work together. Adopting a collaboration method that requires 48 hours' notice to create a teleconference or that demands administrator intervention to create a new document tree will stifle productivity and, in all likelihood, cause users to circumvent the system.

  • News: Firefox 7 ships with promise of better performance

    Barely six weeks after Mozilla shipped the last version of Firefox, the company has released version 7 to address the memory problems that have dogged the browser in recent times.

  • News: Thunderbolt Display teardown reveals a lot of chips

    A teardown of Apple's Thunderbolt Display has revealed a large, brushless fan and a logic board teeming with chips.

  • News: IT pros say social media at work is good but risky: survey

    Network security pros think use of social media at work is good for business, but also creates risks they don't have the tools to address, according to a Ponemon Institute survey.

  • News: Study: 51% of Gamers 'Against 3D Consoles'

    A study of 1,001 gamers conducted by games comparison marketplace Playr2.com aimed to discover players' attitudes towards 3D-enabled consoles.

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