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  • News: Five unexpected uses for the Control key

    The Control key (often labeled CTRL) may be famous for letting you Control-click on almost any interface element to reveal a contextual menu. But that workaday use is falling by the wayside now that we also have the two-finger trackpad tap and a Magic Mouse setting that provide quick access to those menus. Don't decommission the key, however: When you add it to common key combinations it lets you access all sorts of unexpected commands.

  • News: Report: Big Fish Games to offer subscription gaming on iPad

    You can already use your iPad for subscription-based access to streaming movies. If a Bloomberg report is to be believed, you’ll soon be able to have similar subscription access to games.

  • News: Will Congress crush tech spending?

    The failure of the Congressional Super Committee to reach a deficit reduction agreement triggers automatic federal spending cuts beginning the next fiscal year, which will likely make a lot of government IT contractors nervous.

  • News: Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Existing Storage

    Recent flooding in Thailand has affected many hard drive manufacturers, resulting in price hikes for hard drives of as much as 50 to 100 percent. How long this will last is unclear, but in the meantime, you can postpone new purchases of storage gear by implementing these methods to help reduce unnecessary files, reduce the space used on the system, and allow for expansion with existing systems.

  • News: SAP HANA makes big 'data analytics more accessible'

    SAP's new high performance analytics appliance (HANA) allows IT departments to spend less time on the plumbing and more time on tasks that will provide tangible business benefits, according to Timo Elliott, Business Intelligence evangelist at SAP.

  • News: AGA cooks cloud networking deal

    Kitchen appliance brand AGA Rangemaster has brought in cloud computing and services firm Star to supply a new MPLS network to help improve its global operations.

  • News: Court rules that HP's Hurd investigation document can remain secret

    A document tied to an internal Hewlett-Packard sexual harassment investigation of former CEO Mark Hurd will remain sealed, according to a ruling handed down this week by the Delaware Supreme Court.

  • News: Point-and-shoot cameras buying guide

    Today's digital cameras are chock full of features, making it easier than ever to take a great set of pictures. In fact, the most difficult task you'll have to do is to pick one camera from the seemingly endless selection available.

  • News: Cyberattacks a top national security concern, GOP candidates say

    Three Republican presidential candidates at Tuesday's CNN-sponsored GOP debate said that cyberattacks pose an emerging national security threat to the U.S.

  • News: Salesforce.com's Heroku launches stand-alone database service

    Salesforce.com's Heroku division has launched a stand-alone version of its PostgreSQL-based database, giving developers a "battle-tested" way to build applications with the cloud platform of their choosing, the company announced this week.

  • News: Nokia Siemens to slash 17,000 jobs worldwide

    Struggling network infrastructure vendor Nokia Siemens Networks is planning to cut 17,000 jobs worldwide, as it aims to cut €1 billion (US$1.35 billion) from its costs by the end of 2013, the company said Wednesday.

  • News: Holiday e-commerce spending set to grow 15%

    Based on the first three weeks of November, comScore is forecasting 15% growth in e-commerce spending for the 2011 holiday season. Meanwhile, more companies are taking steps to restrict online shopping at work.

  • News: Does the iPhone 4S need a Bumper?

    Apple's iPhone 4 was blighted by 'Antennagate', which saw hundreds of users complaining about call dropping issues after Apple moved the antennae of the smartphone to the exterior of the device.

  • News: Western Digital hard-disk drive takeover approved, with conditions

    Western Digital will be allowed to take over Hitachi’s hard disk drive business, but only if it sells off a 3.5-inch hard disk drive production plant.

  • News: Mind mapping is more about collaborative work management: Mindjet

    Mind mapping is in the midst of a shift away from its traditional roots and is increasingly focused on being more about collaborative work management, a vendor has claimed.

  • News: RIPE questions registration freeze related to botnet bust

    A Dutch organization responsible for allocating IP addresses to network providers in Europe is questioning an order by police to not allow changes to the registrations of four blocks of addresses that were used until recently by a known criminal network.

  • News: Asian company hit by mega-DDoS attack

    DDoS criminals are trying to batter down DDoS defences with larger attacks and new techniques, mitigation outfit Prolexic has said, only weeks after the company detected a huge assault on a Asian company.

  • News: Innovation requires closer work with suppliers, says Forrester

    Businesses need to form strategic partnerships and work closely with suppliers in order to be more innovative, according to Forrester.

  • News: UK users give 3G broadband the thumbs down

    A straw poll of mobile broadband users in the UK has uncovered widespread dissatisfaction with stagnant performance levels.

  • News: Nokia Siemens to slash 17,000 jobs worldwide

    Struggling network infrastructure vendor Nokia Siemens Networks is planning to cut 17,000 jobs worldwide, as it aims to cut €1 billion (US$1.35 billion) from its costs by the end of 2013, the company said Wednesday.

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