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  • News: Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group saves $200,000 on data warehousing

    The Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group (ALH) has saved $200,000 a year after moving its data warehousing from Oracle to Microsoft.

  • News: Jobs interview: frank, unscripted, fascinating

    Though the world at large may be more excited for the new Muppets movie, Apple enthusiasts have a different sort of screening to look forward to: Starting next week, Landmark Theaters will be showing 59 lost minutes from Robert Cringely's 1995 interview with Steve Jobs, originally captured for use in the PBS miniseries, Triumph of the Nerds.. I had a chance to preview the film, and though the video quality may not win any awards, the content is far and away worth the hour or so of your time.

  • News: Cisco goes mobile with collaboration tool updates

    In an attempt to move beyond the desktop, Cisco is updating two of its enterprise-level collaboration tools.

  • News: Adobe donates Flex to Apache

    In a move that appears to be another step away from its Flash platform, Adobe has submitted the code for its Flash-based Flex framework to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) to be managed as an independent project.

  • News: Google Music goes live in U.S. with Google+ integration

    Google Music, the company's cloud-based online music service, is now available to all users in the U.S. and includes song and album sales, as well as an integration with the Google+ social networking site.

  • News: Net neutrality: Implementation measured in the details

    The fierce debate over net neutrality continues unabated. On the one hand, advocates of net neutrality believe that without regulation, a few large network operators will dominate the market, discriminating against consumers and content providers to the detriment of affordable services and innovative content.

  • News: Secrets of iTunes Match

    We've told you what you need to know about iTunes Match. But we're also happy to share with you some secrets of iTunes Match that you don't absolutely need to know, yet might enjoy knowing anyway. Trust that tucking these tidbits away will make you the star of every party--at least parties where everyone sits around and talks about the nuances of iTunes Match.

  • News: Mobile devices, virtualization seen as biggest security challenges: Ponemon survey

    Increased use of mobile devices, especially smartphones, in addition to the transition to virtualization, are key factors weighing on enterprises trying to sort out security strategy and budgets, according to a survey of 688 information and security managers.

  • News: iPhone App Spotlight: SecureSafe

    Where do you keep your list of passwords on your iPhone? If you're not using an app like SecureSafe, you should.

  • News: Avaya beefs up switch architecture to compete with Cisco, HP, others

    Avaya this week rolled out extensions to its 4000 series switches and said its year-old virtualized networking architecture is taking hold in campuses and data centers.

  • News: Cisco how-to guides for firewalls, IPv6, contact centers and security exams

    If you're ready for a technical deep dive in a book, the Cisco Networking Technology Series provides that in its collection of volumes on topics that include Cisco firewalls, Cisco Unity Connection voice-messaging platform, Cisco Contact Center, IPv6 and more. Here's a quick review of the books published in this series by Cisco Press this year.

  • News: Jury rules against Rambus in antitrust case

    A San Francisco jury has rejected a US$4 billion antitrust claim by Rambus against rival RAM makers Hynix Semiconductor and Micron Technology, a California court announced Wednesday.

  • News: Qualcomm's quad-core Snapdragon chips to hit tablets next year

    Qualcomm on Wednesday said its quad-core Snapdragon chips, designed to run Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 OS, will appear in tablets in the second half of next year.

  • News: You've got Gmail: Google's iOS app returns

    Two weeks ago, Google released a Gmail app for iOS. Thirteen days and 20-something hours ago, Google pulled that app from the App Store, citing an embarrassing error with the app's push notification support. On Wednesday, Google re-released the app with the notification error fixed.

  • News: Google fixes Gmail bug, relaunches app for iPhone

    Google today relaunched its Gmail app for Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, two weeks after it yanked a buggy version.

  • News: Zambia declines to scrap VAT on imported mobile handsets

    Despite a new study indicating that the elimination of value added tax (VAT) on mobile phone handsets in Kenya helped fuel a 200 percent increase in handset purchases, the Zambian government is declining to scrap the VAT on imported handsets.

  • News: Jury rules against Rambus in antitrust case

    A San Francisco jury has rejected a US$4 billion antitrust claim by Rambus against rival RAM makers Hynix Semiconductor and Micron Technology, a California court announced Wednesday.

  • News: Facebook users reel from porn spam attack

    After being bombarded with hard-core pornographic and violent images on their news feeds, some Facebook users may change how and if they use the social network, according to industry analysts.

  • News: The US Stop Online Piracy Act: A primer

    The Stop Online Piracy Act, the subject of a hearing before the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee Wednesday, has generated heated debate since lawmakers introduced it on Oct. 26.

  • News: Cox stops selling mobile service

    Cox Communications, which planned its own mobile network in 2008 but later settled for reselling Sprint Nextel service, stopped selling wireless altogether on Wednesday.

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