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  • News: Bethesda Reveals Star-Studded Skyrim Voice Cast

    Bethesda has revealed an array of stage and screen legends lending their vocal talents to Skyrim -- sadly, Patrick Stewart is nowhere to be seen.

  • News: Nokia Siemens demos HSPA at 336M bps

    Helped by advanced antenna technology, Nokia Siemens Networks is pushing HSPA (High-Speed Packet Access) download speeds to 336M bps (bits per second) during a demonstration at the PT/Expo Comm show in Beijing.

  • News: Lost Smartphone Could Cost You $37,000

    What would it cost you if you lost your smartphone? How about your tablet or laptop? You might be able to replace the physical device for a few hundred, or a couple thousand, depending on the device--but that only scratches the surface of what may be lost when your smartphone, tablet, or notebook vanishes.

  • News: Spotify Adds Facebook Requirement, Angering Users

    New Spotify subscribers can only sign up if they have a Facebook account, a move that suggests that the online streaming music service is fully embracing its new Facebook partnership.

  • Video: Video: Japan's KDDI anounces new smatphones but not iPhone

    Japan's second-largest mobile operator, KDDI, announces a new lineup of smartphones and services.

  • News: Civil liberties groups slam EU data retention as unnecessary

    A large group of digital rights organizations has demanded proof from the European Commission that the retention of data in the European Union is necessary and proportionate for fighting serious crime.

  • News: BlueCat simplifies net management chores

    BlueCat Networks has added new features to its DNS appliances aimed at simplifying the management of networks running IPv4 and IPv6, the current and enhanced versions of the Internet Protocol.

  • News: Microsoft employee gets jail for $459,000 fraud

    A former Microsoft employee has been jailed for thirty-three months after admitting embezzling $459,000 (£296,000) from the software giant, apparently as part of a bizarre revenge campaign for his alleged treatment while working there.

  • News: Russia blames US and Israel for Stuxnet worm

    Russia has for the first time laid the blame for the Stuxnet worm at the door of the US and Israel, describing it as "the only proven case of actual cyber-warfare."

  • News: Three tips for using iTunes on a small display

    As Apple continues to sell more laptops than desktops, the number of people working with iTunes on small displays increases. While I have a 27-inch iMac on my desktop, which allows me to use iTunes efficiently and see plenty of information about my library, working on my 13-inch MacBook Air is a bit more difficult. If you only have a laptop, there are ways you can optimize the way iTunes displays its content to make it easier to manage on a smaller display.

  • News: More ways to move data to a new Mac

    When you need to get data off an old Mac onto a new one, OS X's Migration Assistant is often all you need. But it doesn't let you restore specific files and you can't restore an identical backup of another Mac's hard drive. In such cases you need some other options. Here I'll show you how (and when) to move your data using cloning, Time Machine, and other third-party backup applications.

  • News: CloudFlare unveils free IPv6 translation service

    Startup CloudFlare is turning the economics of IPv6 transition on its head with a free cloud-based IPv6-to-IPv4 translation service that is available to website operators starting today.

  • News: HP expands direct presence in Africa to 17 countries

    HP has expanded its direct presence in Africa to 10 new countries to add onto the five markets the technology giant was already in.

  • News: Isle of Man moves public services to hybrid cloud

    The Isle of Man Government has reduced its operating costs by 15 percent after virtualising applications and implementing cloud infrastructure from EMC.

  • News: Intermec offers mobile management update

    Intermec, which has made its name over four decades as a provider of rugged mobile devices mainly for service delivery and warehouse use, is moving quickly into mobile management software and services.

  • News: Mario Bros. Plumbing Gets a Classy T-Shirt

    Nothing helps simultaneously hide and announce your nerdiness like an understated gaming t-shirt.

  • News: Scammers pretend to be friendly office printers

    Hackers have found a new hook to trick people into opening malicious attachments: send emails that purport to come from office printers, many of which now have the ability to email scanned documents.

  • News: Nokia ships the N9, its first and last MeeGo phone

    Nokia has started shipping the N9, its first and last smartphone based on the MeeGo operating system, the company said on Tuesday.

  • News: Sony clip-on screen attachment makes Vaio laptops 3D

    Sony said Tuesday it will sell a screen attachment for its Vaio laptops that allows users to view 3D movies and images without glasses.

  • News: How Microsoft Research helped Craig Mundie speak Chinese

    Craig Mundie, Microsoft's chief research and strategy officer, doesn't speak Chinese. But on Tuesday he did, via a life-like virtual avatar shown at the company's offices in Beijing that can simulate his voice and speak in other languages.

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