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  • News: Brits drunk in 76% of Facebook photos

    UK Facebook users are drunk in more than three quarters (76 percent) of pictures they're tagged in on the social networking site, says MyMemory.com .

  • News: Lenovo-backed game console for China hit by delays

    The launch of a Lenovo-backed video game system for China is being delayed again in order to make improvements to the product, according to a spokesman with the company developing the console.

  • News: BT files patent suit against Google

    British Telecommunications has filed a civil suit in a Delaware court alleging that some Google products and services including Android, and its search, music, map, and location-based advertising infringe on one or more of six of its patents.

  • News: Wireless Carrier Survey: Smaller Players Ranked High in Customer Satisfaction

    Cell phone carriers are learning that when it comes to service small players are more satisfying than big ones -- as far as their customers are concerned.

  • News: What You Need to Know About Your Klout

    When I first signed on to Klout, I expected the experience to measure social media much like Alexa measures website hits--that is, not well. It was hard to believe that an algorithm could accurately gauge the use of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media tools. For a while there it looked like the only people using Klout were geeks and social media mavens. But what geeks deem to be awesome usually ends up in the mainstream over time, and Klout is definitely geek awesome.

  • News: Google Has Eggs for Everyone This Holiday Season

    Google is helping people experience a white Christmas and giving them a light show for Hanukkah -- all on their computer screens.

  • News: Stop SOPA! A Plea from the Inventors of the Internet

    What happens when you combine an overzealous drive to fight Internet piracy, with elected representatives who don’t know the difference between DNS, IM, and MP3? You get SOPA--draconian legislation that far exceeds its intended scope, and threatens the Constitutional rights of law abiding citizens. And it may just pass.

  • News: App internet and mobile devices to drive massive technology demands in 2012

    The rise of the "app internet" – in which users' PCs, smartphones and tablets run the business applications – will drive completely different demands from technology next year.

  • News: Twitter Launches TweetDeck as Web App

    An application near and dear to the heart of Twitter fanatics everywhere, TweetDeck, is now available as a Web application.

  • News: Internet Explorer Silent Updates Are Not a Miracle Cure

    Microsoft made waves this week by announcing that it plans to implement automatic, silent updates to push the latest version(s) of Internet Explorer. If you were hoping that silent updates will finally nail the coffin on IE6 and IE7, though, don’t hold your breath.

  • News: Sprint's Decision to Stop Using Carrier IQ a Win for Privacy Advocates

    Sprint’s decision to disable Carrier IQ software on its handsets and no longer collect data from the service is good news for people who have privacy concerns, but it also raises questions about how the network will get the diagnostics it needs to keep performance levels up.

  • News: The Week in iPhone Cases: Tinseltoe

    After a short hiatus, we're back just in time for the holidays with a little iPhone-case cheer for your browser. Whether you're looking for a last-minute gift, or getting ready to make case shopping one of your New Year's resolutions, we've got you covered!

  • News: Percolator 2.0 brews up photo mosaics with added filters and effects

    Brewing up a photo mosaic is not a lot different than making yourself a cup of coffee with Tinrocket’s Percolator 2.0 iOS app. Released Tuesday, the latest version of the special effects photo app features iPad compatibility, new effects and filters, finer control over images, and a speed boost.

  • News: Ice Cream Sandwich Coming to More Android Users

    Android users are jazzed about news that Google will be rolling out the latest iteration of its mobile operating system to more devices, but how quickly that will happen has some consumers asking questions.

  • News: 5 More Things to Outlaw in Cars

    The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board's recommendation that all states ban drivers from using portable electronic devices -- including cell phones with hands-free kits -- doesn't go far enough.

  • News: Poor data replication 'costing hundreds of thousands'

    Each major outage of business-critical data can cost over a million pounds, it is estimated, with data replication failures playing a major part.

  • News: Normski Photography show in London

    Many of us have heard of Normski the TV presenter, but how many of us know he's also an accomplished streetstyle photographer.

  • News: New ransom Trojan cons victims with 'trial' version

    Researchers at security company BitDefender have discovered a new ransom Trojan that scrambles its victims’ data before cheekily offering them a ‘trial’ version of the software to prove its ability to successfully unlock files.

  • News: That's No Earthquake, It's Just Another Foo Fighters Concert

    Collecting six Grammy Awards is definitely a lifetime achievement, but not many bands other than the Foo Fighters can claim that their concerts are as rockin' as an earthquake.

  • News: 2012: Year of fast changes for IT professionals

    2012 is set to be a year in which new opportunities start to rise for IT professionals, even though budgets are tight, according to the predictions of industry participants.

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