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  • News: Opinion: How a man of 101 uses an Apple iPad

    Over the Thanksgiving holidays I had the opportunity to visit with my favorite 100-year-old—Lew, my mother’s husband. His birthday rolls around again in a couple of weeks and, as you might imagine, with a century of stuff tucked away here and there, he’s a hard man to shop for.

  • News: Apple clarifies Mac App Store rules

    Make no mistake: the news that Apple would be launching a Mac App Store was probably the most significant story to come out of the company’s Back to the Mac event in October—or at least the one with the most far-reaching implications. But since that initial push, which promised that the store would open within 90 days, Apple’s been largely quiet about the new venture. On Friday, however, it updated its Developer News page with three tidbits of information for developers looking to submit apps.

  • News: Japanese supercomputer gets faster but draws no more power

    Tokyo Institute of Technology's newest supercomputer, Tsubame 2.0, proves that high-power computing can go hand-in-hand with energy efficiency. The new computer, which was inaugurated last week, is the second most energy-efficient supercomputer in the world and that's thanks to an administrator who was more concerned with the monthly electricity bill than the cost of the hardware.

  • News: Facebook rolls out redesigned profile pages

    Facebook on Sunday introduced a redesign of its user profile pages in advance of an interview on the "60 Minutes" news show where CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained the redesign.

  • News: 6 things to avoid when posting YouTube videos

    If you promote your business via video then it's likely you'll be making the same fundamental errors over and over again. Whether it's interjecting speech with 'um' or allowing the camera to lose its focus. Even videos from supposedly professional media outlets can involve a depressing level of amateurism. Here are the top six sins frequently found on YouTube videos, along with simple fixes.

  • News: 5 websites that once ruled the web

    The internet generation is stunningly disloyal. Brands mean very little to us and we switch online services without a second thought. We take a look at five websites that, once upon a time, we simply couldn't live without, but now are either no longer with us, or have perhaps seen better days.

  • News: The 12 biggest tech turkeys of 2010

    Take a look back at a dozen products, people, and broken promises from this year that we wish we could forget.

  • News: The ultimate guide to BitTorrent

    BitTorrent has come a long way since its public release on July 2, 2001, but unless you're a regular media pirate, you probably haven't used it much. Read on to find out how it works and to clear up a few common misconceptions about it.

  • News: Kent company launches 'first carbon-neutral PC'

    Adept IT has launched a new machine that it claims can offer massive savings on energy costs

  • Video: Wikileaks founder Assange under attack

    Plus: Google and Pirate Bay in the dock, and more headlines

  • Video: Sharp taking reservations for Galapagos tablet

    Widespread promotional events for tablet

  • News: Google search update punishes bad businesses

    In an uncharacteristically public way, Google has acknowledged modifying its search engine so it can identify businesses that provide bad service and lower their search results rankings accordingly.

  • News: Amazon invests $175 million in Groupon rival

    Groupon rival Living Social has landed a $175 million investment from online retail giant Amazon.

  • News: Do-not-track proposal could kill web advertising

    A universal online do-not-track tool may hurt the Internet advertising industry and may be difficult to implement, critics of a U.S. Federal Trade Commission proposal to create such a mechanism said Thursday.

  • News: Tablets & smartphones get DRAM speed boost

    Samsung on Thursday said it has developed a fast version of low-power memory that could help speed up applications in tablets and smartphones.

  • News: Amazon denies Govt forced WikiLeaks ban

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) kicked WikiLeaks off its servers for breaking rules designed to ensure websites use their own content and that it won't injure others, and not due to pressure from the U.S. government, Amazon said Thursday.

  • News: Google Street View guilty of trespassing

    After a legal battle that lasted two-and-a-half years, Google has been found guilty of trespassing on a Pennsylvania family's property to take photos for its Maps website

  • News: Wikileaks offline again as host pulls plug

    WikiLeaks' main website could not be accessed on Friday through its WikiLeaks.org domain name after a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Services terminated its domain name service.

  • News: 72% of Brits check Facebook from bed

    Nearly three quarters (72 percent) of web users admit to updating their Facebook status just before falling asleep, says Travelodge.

  • News: BBC will launch iPlayer iPad app in 2011

    The BBC is planning to launch a paid-for iPlayer app for the Apple iPad during the first half of next year.

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