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  • News: Steve Jobs among the greatest of American innovators – Obama

    A raft of tributes to Steve Jobs has poured in from global figureheads and major IT industry figures, following news of the Apple founder’s death aged 56.

  • News: University of Glamorgan to study deadly AET cyberattacks

    The University of Glamorgan is to study cyberattacks based on Advanced Evasion Techniques (AETs) as part of a new partnership with Finnish security company Stonesoft.

  • News: Modest growth in IT staff demand

    There has been only a small growth in demand for IT staff in the last month, according to an in-depth report among recruiters.

  • News: Button-size wireless sensor can tell if you're nervous

    Alps Electric has developed a button-size motion sensor that can detect when your pulse quickens from across a room or through a wall, then sends the readings wirelessly to a server.

  • News: Knowledge is power! Or is it?

    We hear all the time that knowledge is power. In our industry we use this mantra as a justification for all sorts of investment, particularly investments in business intelligence. But is knowledge really power?

  • News: OpenWorld 2011: IT transformations are too much work

    Once the current wave of core IT transformations have been completed it will be many years before we see their likes again as they have become simply too big, complex, and hard to do.

  • News: OpenWorld 2011: It's all about video - Cisco's Chambers

    Cisco is betting that video-based collaboration will be the foremost driver of productivity -- and customer dollars for the troubled networking vendor -- in the coming decade.

  • News: OpenWorld 2011: Big Red apps coming to iPad and Android

    In a clear sign of the influence consumer mobile devices are having in the enterprise Oracle has flagged that it plans to make available iPad- and Android-compatible versions of its traditional ERP and CRM suites as well as its latest Fusion apps.

  • News: OpenWorld 2011: Salesforce.com v Oracle smackdown

    The tit for tat going on between Oracle chief Larry Ellison and Salesforce.com's Mark Benioff has continued with Benioff sledging both Ellison and his push for mega appliances, instead of commodity hardware, to power the Cloud.

  • News: AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon: The plans compared

    When the iPhone 4S hits the streets next Friday, it will do so with a feature no previous model has possessed on launch day: competition. For years, AT&T had the iPhone all to itself in the U.S., but earlier this year Verizon joined the iPhone family and, with the iPhone 4S launch, Sprint is jumping on the bandwagon as well.

  • News: Google adds cloud-based SQL database to App Engine

    Google has created a relational database for its cloud-hosted App Engine application development and hosting platform, a much-requested addition, the company said on Thursday.

  • News: NZ partners pay tribute to Apple chairman

    Apple's New Zealand partners have paid tribute to Apple founder Steve Jobs, who has died.

  • News: Stanford Hospital blames contractor for data breach

    Stanford Hospital & Clinics this week blamed a third party billing contractor for a data breach that exposed the personal data of some 20,000 patients.

  • News: Giving your old iPhone a new life

    When you pre-order your iPhone 4S Friday, that means you've got a week to anticipate life with your new phone before its October 14 release date. But if you're an existing iPhone user, it means you've also got to make plans on what to do with your soon-to-be redundant smartphone.

  • News: Upgrading to the iPhone 4S

    It happens every time Apple produces a new iPhone: Current iPhone users and owners of other smartphones start making plans to ditch their old devices and upgrade to the new model. Unlike with moving from one version of MacBook Air to the next, though, there are complications to upgrading your iPhone--and they come in the form of multi-year commitments to wireless carriers.

  • News: Podcast: Steve Jobs

    Jason Snell and Christopher Breen discuss Steve Jobs' legacy.

  • News: Google Launches AdWords Mobile Call Tracking

    Google AdWords will now let you track calls made from mobile devices to your business after users have tapped the phone number on your website.

  • News: These U.S. Cities Spend the Most On Video Games

    Based on anonymous spending data that's been collected by credit card companies and the U.S. government from June 2010 to June 2011, analyst group Bundle was able to track where the most money has been spent on video games throughout the Unites States. This means national game retailers like GameStop, EB Games?, and Steam, and the end result is pretty interesting, with the suburbs of Huntington, NY coming out on top as the most game-obsessed, spending 4.08 times more on digital entertainment. Check out the full infographic, and see if your city ranks as one of the most game-crazy.

  • News: Motorola faces new lawsuit

    Patent licensing company Intellectual Ventures has set its sights on Motorola with a new lawsuit charging the handset maker with infringing six patents.

  • News: Steve Jobs interview: One-on-one in 1995

    In April of 1995, Steve Jobs, then head of NeXT Computer, was interviewed as part of the Computerworld Honors Program Oral History project. The wide-ranging interview was conducted by Daniel Morrow, executive director of the awards program.

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