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  • News: Up-and-coming tech jobs -- and how to land one

    Forecasts for IT hiring are almost universally predicting that project managers and business analysts will be in demand in 2012, but what about cloud transformation officers?

  • News: Samsung upgrades Galaxy Ace with more memory, faster processor

    The lead in the story, "Samsung upgrades Galaxy Ace with more memory, faster processor", posted to the wire Tuesday, incorrectly stated the day of the announcement. The announcement was Tuesday. The lead has been changed and now reads:

  • News: How to Protect Your Professional Reputation on Facebook Timeline

    Facebook’s new Timeline layout isn’t available yet for businesses and Facebook hasn’t announced plans to move pages over to the new layout, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect you or your business.

  • News: Google, Facebook rivalry to heat up in 2012

    As Google works to make its Google+ social network a major competitor to market leader Facebook, the battle between the two could reach a critical point in 2012, analysts say.

  • News: Brits waste £134m a year by overcharging electronics

    Brits waste £134m a year by overcharging laptops, tablets and other consumer electronics, according to E.ON.

  • News: CIOs Disconnected From Business Execs

    CIOs and their fellow executives have conflicting priorities on cost and competitors, says our 2012 State of the CIO survey

  • News: How Waste Management's CIO Turned Trash Into Treasure

    Waste Management's new e-commerce site creates additional revenue streams for the company and gives its IT team sales quotas to fill

  • News: Android, iOS App Downloads Top 1 Billion Over Christmas Week

    Mobile app downloads skyrocketed during the week between Christmas and New Year's Day, totaling 1.2 billion cumulative downloads from the iOS App Store and Android Market, a mobile analytics firm estimates. This was the first time in iOS and Android history that more than one billion applications were downloaded worldwide in a single week. The bulk of those billion plus downloads originated in the United States, accounting for 509 million downloads or 42.3 percent of the total, according to mobile analytics and advertising firm Flurry.

  • News: Mega Man Creator Inafune's First Post-Capcom Game Released

    When legendary game developer Keiji Inafune left Capcom after 23 years to found his own development studio called Intercept last year, he did so with vocal criticism for the Japanese game industry at large, accusing it of turning creative artists and designers into salarymen who take their companies' relevance for granted. Inafune is himself a prominent veteran of the industry who created Mega Man and went on to produce games as diverse as Phoenix Wright and Dead Rising. Chief among his complaints is the publishing structure that takes intellectual property rights from concept creators, preventing them from receiving credit, establishing a reputation or retaining legal rights to develop their own

  • News: 7 Quick Windows 7 Fixes

    1. Open Apps the Easy Way

  • News: Quick Windows Networking Fixes

    Setting up and maintaining your home PC network is easier than ever before in Windows 7--but that's not saying much. Many networking issues still aren't easily addressed from Windows 7's control panels. That's why we've compiled a list of common networking problems and quick fixes.

  • News: The Next Big Thing(s) in Tech

    All of the technology products we use today--from touchscreens to tablets to social networks--were once the "next big thing in tech." Experts predicted that each of these things would become a part of everyone's tech life, before most of us had even heard of them.

  • News: Automator workflow of the month: Automate app backups

    Many of us expect updates to our iOS apps to provide greater stability as well as attractive new features. But in some instances, this isn’t the case. A recent Twitter app update, for example, infuriated some users because of its rearranged interface and lack of beloved features found in earlier versions of the app. Making matters worse, when you update an app using iTunes, the previous version of the app is tossed in the trash. Should you empty the trash, good luck reverting to the older version.

  • News: Official Windows Phone Jailbreak Stalls

    Windows Phone users looking to jailbreak their devices may have missed their chance to do so through Microsoft's officially-sanctioned method.

  • News: 2011's top stories: Mac OS X Lion

    The Mac OS X Lion operating system was released in July 2011. Following its launch, Macworld readers encountered many problems with the update which meant Lion related stories were among the most read this year. It's hard to fathom how the operating system which Apple itself describes as, 'the world's most advanced', can have had so many problems.

  • News: BiteHunter for iPhone

    If you’re always on the lookout for a bargain, this is your golden age. An entire cottage industry has sprung up around the concept of the daily deal—a limited-time offer that allows you, the crafty consumer with one eye on the bottom line, to shave some bucks off a price tag. Websites, email alerts, and even dedicated businesses now serve up an array of buy-one-get-one-free, half-off, and free-with-purchase offers. Just one problem with this surfeit of savings—how do you keep track of all these deals?

  • News: LG's Flashy 55-Inch OLED Challenged by Dropping TV Prices

    LG hasn't announced a price for its new 55-inch OLED TV, but you can bet that this beautiful, super-thin set will carry a hefty premium.

  • News: 10 Great Tools to Get in Shape

    The New Year is finally here--and with it comes the realization that you probably had one too many pieces of pie at that last holiday party. Whether you want to work off just a few holiday pounds or you've made a New Year’s resolution to get in shape, you can find tons of fitness tools online and on your mobile phone that will provide motivation and assistance. Here are ten great tools that will help you track what you eat, where you run, and how quickly you’ve lost weight.

  • News: 5 Reasons to Look Forward to Windows 8 in 2012

    2012 is finally here. Although Microsoft has not shared any details regarding an official launch date for Windows 8, all signs point to sometime this year. Windows 8 is still Windows at its core, but it is also a major departure from previous versions of the flagship operating system.

  • News: Video: Sony PlayStation Vita Launch in Tokyo

    The global launch of Sony’s PlayStation Vita kicked off in Tokyo on Saturday morning. Several dozen customers braved the early morning cold to get their hands on the device at the official launch in downtown Shibuya, at 7am.

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