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  • News: Rising cybercrime pushes African governments to take action

    In reaction to rising cybercrime incidents in both public and private sectors, some African governments have set up incident reporting and early warning bodies with the support of AfriNIC (Africa Network Information Center).

  • News: Google planning Nexus-style tablet

    You didn't really think Google was going to let Amazon hog all the Android tablet glory, did you?

  • News: IBM, HP, Microsoft lead patching laggards, says bug buyer

    IBM, HP and Microsoft led the list of companies that failed to patch vulnerabilities within six months of being notified by the world's biggest bug bounty program, according to HP TippingPoint's Zero-Day Initiative (ZDI).

  • News: Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, others launch HD content security initiative

    Five major Blu-ray and memory manufactures are collaborating to create a new security protocol to protect hi-def content that will be available across multiple consumer platforms, including smartphones and tablets.

  • News: Half of SMEs think rewiring premises is barrier to faster internet

    Consumers and SMEs are reluctant to upgrade to faster internet connections due to perceived costs of rewiring homes and premises, says a Commerce Commission paper released today.

  • News: Researchers Hack a DSLR into a Hyperspectral Imager

    Think consumer camera equipment is expensive? At least you are not a scientist who needs a specialized "hyperspectral" camera to see parts of the electromagnetic spectrum beyond what the human eye can see. This sort of equipment is used to identify chemical compounds and check for mining deposits, but it does not come cheap, as the least-expesive such rig still costs around $25,000.

  • News: Why social tech's real value is inside the business

    Although companies have been urged to adopt "Web 2.0" and social technologies for years now, the truth is that relatively few have done so internally in any serious way -- and use inside the business is where the most value can be gained. Instead, the corporate focus on social technologies has been in marketing organizations that use it to monitor what customers are saying about the company and to try to influence customer views -- what's called reputation management -- by adding Twitter, Facebook, and so on to the traditional advertising and marketing channels. (And individual employees use social networking technology to build business relationships for their own benefit, of course.)

  • News: Nexus Tablet Expected Within 6 Months

    The first Google Nexus tablet could be arriving within six months, according to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who also promises we’ll see even more “brutal competition” between Apple and Google.

  • News: MIT to open source educational software

    As part of an initiative to expand its online course offerings, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology plans to release as open source the software it will use to manage student online learning, the institution announced Monday.

  • News: Facebook Revamps Business Communications

    Facebook has started introducing Private Messages for Pages, a new method of connecting consumers with the businesses they follow on the social network -- but in a way that's less social than before.

  • News: IT workers' top 4 dream employers

    Companies often talk about their "dream" IT job candidate -- the type of worker they'd most like to have on their staffs. But what about the IT workers themselves -- what type of company are they most interested in?

  • News: 6 job-hunting tricks for a Web 2.0 world

    If you're sitting in your office right now, take a glance at the co-worker on your left and then at the co-worker on your right. Chances are one of them is looking to leave the company. Or perhaps it's you.

  • News: Google+ Rolls out New Features this Week

    A quartet of new features will be rolled out this week for users of Google's social network, Google+.

  • News: CIOs describe their ideal job candidates

    IT professionals have been through the wringer when it comes to managing their careers. They've had to keep up with ever-changing technology, endure the often painful aftermath of offshoring and outsourcing decisions, and learn new skills -- including communication and other so-called soft skills -- because of the blending of IT with the business. And those are just the biggest challenges they've faced over the years -- and continue to face today.

  • News: BT files patent suit against Google

    British Telecommunications has filed a civil suit in a Delaware court alleging that some Google products and services including Android, and its search, music, map, and location-based advertising infringe on one or more of six of its patents.

  • News: Professor files net neutrality complaint against Verizon Wireless

    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission should investigate Verizon Wireless for allegedly blocking Google Wallet on a new smartphone available to the carrier's customers, a law professor has said.

  • News: IT's winning (and losing) job titles

    Sure, there are still some Cobol systems on their last legs in the deep recesses of just about every large IT organization. But they are most assuredly on their way out -- as are the programmers who coded them.

  • News: Google Wallet Ported to Galaxy Nexus, No Root Required

    Verizon Galaxy Nexus users no longer have to hack their phones to install Google Wallet.

  • News: BT Goes after Google for a Piece of the Patent Pie

    BT is the latest entity to get in on the action when it comes to alleging patent infringement by Google. The British telecom, ISP, and IT services company charges that Google's search, Android mobile operating system, and other services violate six patents BT holds.

  • News: Blast at Apple supplier Pegatron's Shanghai plant

    Sixty-one workers at a plant in Shanghai owned by Apple component supplier Pegatron have been injured in a blast over the weekend.

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