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  • News: Duqu not created by authors of Stuxnet worm, says security company

    The design similarities between the recently-publicised Duqu malware and the infamous Stuxnet worm that caused widespread alarm a year ago have been hugely exaggerated, an analysis by Dell SecureWorks has concluded.

  • News: Ubuntu to run on tablets, smartphones and TVs, canonical founder says

    Canonical is working with hardware vendors to port Ubuntu to smartphones, tablet computers and Internet TVs, founder Mark Shuttleworth has told journalists.

  • News: Mac OS X 10.8 being used internally at Apple - report

    Apple is already using Mac OS X 10.8 internally, with usage of the next-generation operating system increasing rapidly in recent weeks, a report claims.

  • News: Apple 'bleeds artists like a digital vampire' - Pete Townshend

    Apple must start helping new bands and solo artists instead of "bleeding" them like a "digital vampire", The Who guitarist Pete Townshend has said.

  • News: Acer Debuts Four New All-in-One PCs

    Acer recently announced four new all-in-one PCs just in time for the holidays or those looking for a new multitouch desktop PC before the expected debut of touch-centric Windows 8 in 2012. Two of the new devices, part of Acer's AZ3 and AZ5 lines, are updates to their predecessors such as the Acer AZ5700-U2112. As before the new all-in-ones feature multitouch displays with 1080p high-definition resolution, big hard drives, and tons of RAM.

  • News: Apple Blasted As 'Digital Vampire' by The Who Guitarist Pete Townshend

    Legendary rock guitarist Pete Townshend of The Who has branded Apple’s iTunes music empire a “digital vampire” that bleeds artists’ works because it doesn’t do enough to help out new artists. Speaking at a radio festival in Salford, England, Townshend called for Apple to hire talent scouts and provide artists with more than just a storefront via iTunes, according to the BBC.

  • News: How to Set Up RAID on Your PC

    Configuring two or more hard drives in a RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) setup can increase performance and/or provide automatic protection against data loss from drive failure. RAID used to be expensive, hard to implement, and limited to businesses with dedicated IT departments. Now, motherboards in most desktop PCs support RAID, and Windows 7 provides software RAID that requires no special hardware at all. The technology is easily within the reach of the wallet and skills of any reasonably tech-savvy PC user.

  • News: Tech to Watch in 2012

    We saw a lot of great gear in 2011, but we can think of some other stuff that we're itching to play with in the next 12 months.

  • News: Google+ App for Android Gets Major Overhaul

    Google revamped its Google+ Android app Monday sprucing up the social network's mobile front door with a cleaner interface, more functions, and a promise of improved battery life. The Android app (now Version 2.1) is available for download at Android Market.

  • News: Government CIOs blame low pay for IT skills gap

    CIOs in central government departments have blamed "public sector pay constraints" for the difficulties they face when trying to recruit and retain ICT staff.

  • News: Telecoms firms jobs cheer

    Tribold, a telecoms software provider, has announced the creation of 45 new IT jobs in Wales, while BT is recruiting 520 engineers.

  • News: Payments Council to create improved billing database

    The Payments Council has signed a contract for Experian to create a major database of payment methods and details.

  • News: US energy agency demos blazingly fast network

    The U.S. Department of Energy will debut in November one of the fastest networks ever built: a 100Gbps Ethernet network that will enable researchers to create more complex, real-world simulations in climate change, particle physics, astronomy and other scientific fields.

  • News: 'Advanced persistent threat' concerns boosting security budgets

    Heightened awareness about stealthy network attacks designed to steal sensitive information -- what some call the "advanced persistent threat" -- is having an impact in raising security budgets and increasing executive management involvement in information technology, according to a survey published today.

  • News: ABC's of ADCs in the cloud

    Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) are critical to a smoothly functioning data center. They provide key functions including server load balancing, monitoring the health of servers and apps; protecting the data center from distributed denial-of-service attacks, performing SSL encryption and decryption; making servers more efficient by managing connections, running specialized application scripts and accelerating applications.

  • News: Twelve South PlugBug combines MacBook, iPad chargers

    Frequent travelers will welcome the arrival of Twelve South's newest accessory, the PlugBug. An add-on for your MacBook's power brick, the PlugBug allows you to charge a USB device--such as your iPhone or iPad--while simultaneously charging your laptop.

  • News: Apple misses end of October deadline for iTunes Match

    As November is ushered in, at least one Halloween specter is still hanging over the Mac community: The ghost of iTunes Match. The cloud music feature of Apple's iCloud service was supposed to debut by the end of October, but Apple has uncharacteristically missed its own deadline.

  • News: Apple launches iPhone 4S in Hong Kong; China next

    Apple will launch the iPhone 4S in Hong Kong, South Korea and 13 other countries on Nov. 11, with pre-orders starting this Friday.

  • News: UK Foreign Secretary warns of 'darker' online scenario

    U.K. Foreign Secretary William Hague warned on Tuesday that a "darker scenario" could prevail if governments do not ensure safe and reliable Internet access.

  • News: HP's first ARM server for testing only

    Hewlett-Packard is developing servers based on a low-power microprocessor design from ARM Holdings, and claims it can slash power and space requirements by as much as 90 percent for companies running certain Web-based applications, HP announced Tuesday.

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