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  • News: Mac attack

    Over the years, Apple has earned a less-than-stellar reputation among purchasers of enterprise desktops. Macs were seen as overpriced to begin with. And Apple didn't offer huge discounts for bulk purchases, like the PC makers. Plus, Macs didn't come with the ecosystem of integrated productivity and management apps that are taken for granted in the Windows world.

  • News: BYOD movement is forcing IT to adapt

    But user empowerment still allows IT to assess apps and manage mobile devices

  • News: IBM to help shape bank SOA standards

    IBM has joined the independent BIAN board, which seeks to establish a service-oriented architecture (SOA) standard for the banking industry that can help cut IT costs.

  • News: BBC to charge for iPlayer use?

    The BBC is considering charging web users to watch TV programmes using its iPlayer catch-up TV service.

  • News: Judge rules UK computer student can be extradited to the US

    A Judge has ruled computer student Richard O'Dwyer can be extradited to the US to face to be tried for copyright infringement.

  • News: China's Baidu constructing office for international operations

    China's largest search engine Baidu broke ground Monday on a new office for its international operations, reflecting its ambitions to expand quickly in global markets.

  • News: RSA chief: Last year's breach has silver lining

    Last year's industry-shaking RSA Security breach has resulted in customers' CEOs and CIOs engaging much more closely with the vendor to improve their organizations' security, according to the head of RSA.

  • News: China's Internet users cross 500 million

    China's Internet population passed the half billion mark at the end of 2011 after the country added 28 million new users during the second half of the year.

  • News: Q&A: RSA's Art Coviello reflects on last year's big data breach

    RSA Security Chairman Art Coviello says customers still want to hear details about how the company so quickly detected the data breach that last year compromised its SecurID tokens.

  • News: CES Sets New Records Despite Doomsayers

    CES is more popular than ever -- according to its sponsors -- despite naysayers who predicted doom for the mammoth trade show after Microsoft said it would drastically scale back its participation following this year's event.

  • News: Online Piracy Legislation Outcry Prompts White House Response

    Online piracy legislation has caused such an outcry that the White House is now weighing in.

  • News: Oil industry robotic firm SMD overhauls systems

    Underwater robotic vehicle firm Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD) is deploying a new ERP system to improve project management in the oil, gas and telecoms markets it serves.

  • News: Copyright Troll Refuted in Fair Use Appeal

    Attempts by a copyright troll to overturn two "fair use" decisions against it were opposed in federal appeals court Friday by such prominent voices as the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Google, Public Knowledge, and the Digital Media Law Project at Harvard University.

  • News: Google+ Added to FTC Antitrust Probe

    Never mind the fact that most of the people you know aren't using Google+, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission is reportedly expanding its antitrust probe of Google to include scrutiny of the social networking service.

  • News: 4 Places Apple AirPlay Would Be Awesome

    One of the best features of the Apple iOS platform is AirPlay. AirPlay makes it simple to wirelessly stream audio and video content from an iPhone or iPad to an AirPlay-compatible device.

  • News: Arduino Hack Pulls Bedroom Curtains For You, Could Make You Lazier

    Funny curtain hacks are something GeekTech is no stranger to: last January, Niklas Roy created a privacy curtain that drew attention to his studio rather than stop people staring in. In all seriousness, curtains are sometimes the trickiest part of a home automation project to wire up. So, this new Arduino-based curtain idea by Jamie Zawinski may be a useful hack to you.

  • News: Lytica Gives Product Designers a Hand With Electronic Component Cost Estimator

    We normally don't get into the business side of the tech industry, but thought this was kind of interesting. A company called Lytica offers a component cost estimator can help any business--from startups to major corporations--get both the average and best-in-class prices of components (like capacitors or connector), learn their potential price savings, get alternate source recommendations, and more.

  • News: Remains of the Day: A Newton is fruit and cake

    One iPhone owner is very sorry, Apple wants a 3D iPhone, and ZDNet wants a new Newton: The remainders for Friday, January 13, 2012 are never happy with what they've got.

  • News: Client Magnet Helps You Keep Customers by Analyzing Quickbooks

    You’d like to attract more customers, and keep the ones you have, but figuring out the best loyalty program can be confusing and time-consuming. It’s hard to tell the difference between offering your clients $10 off their next purchase, or simply free shipping and using a deal-of-the-day service like Groupon to attract customers doesn’t offer a way to make sure redeemers come back.

  • News: Buffalo Shows Off 802.11ac Wireless Router Prototype, Your Router Cowers in Fear

    At CES 2012, networking company Buffalo showed off a a router prototype built with the unofficial 802.11ac standards, sporting a 5G chipset from Broadcom that was only just announced this week. Buffalo only had a demonstration unit and prototypes available, but Technology Associate Anthony Brown said that Buffalo plans on shipping 802.11ac routers sometime in the fall.

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