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  • News: Pomodoro Smartphone Apps Promise a Cheap and Easy Productivity Boost

    Do you constantly feel like your workday is getting away from you? Too many loose ends, too many distractions? The Pomodoro Technique might help. It was developed back in 1992 to help workers improve their focus and productivity. And it has legions of devoted followers.

  • News: Voice and video calls via Wi-Fi from 30,000 feet?

    Federal regulations forbid making calls from cell phones while aboard U.S. commercial planes in-flight, but Wi-Fi services could eventually permit voice and video calls over the Internet for a fee.

  • News: Samsung Galaxy Note: Is it a Phone or a Tablet?

    Pre-orders have begun at AT&T for the Samsung Galaxy Note. The device is either a very large smartphone, or a diminutive tablet. Either way, it faces some significant challenges trying to inspire buyers.

  • News: Redbox, Verizon Team on Streaming Service

    Redbox and Verizon are working on a streaming video service to take on Netflix, but so far have said little about how it will work.

  • News: Lenovo ordered to pay €1920 for making French laptop buyer pay for Windows too

    A French laptop buyer has won a refund from Lenovo after a four-year legal battle over the cost of a Windows license he didn't want. The judgment could open the way for PC buyers elsewhere in Europe to obtain refunds for bundled software they don't want, French campaign group No More Racketware said Monday.

  • News: Former Gateway executives settle fraud charges

    The story originally headlined "Gateway ex-CEOs settle fraud charges," posted Monday, incorrectly stated the title of one of the former Gateway executives who have settled fraud charges. One official was CEO and the other official was CFO. The headline and first sentence have been changed to correct the mistake. The headline now reads: Former Gateway executives settle fraud charges. The first sentence now reads:

  • News: Brain drain: Protecting your organization's IP

    Global healthcare provider Best Doctors employs the most robust technologies and practices available to protect the privacy of its members' personal data—but that's just a part of doing business in this industry. Less obvious but equally important is the degree of vigilance with which the company protects its brand name, which is trademarked in dozens of countries worldwide.

  • News: Patent trolls in our midst

    Intellectual property (IP) protections exist in U.S. law for the purpose of ensuring inventors and creators are compensated for their works, encouraging innovation.

  • News: Hundreds of DreamHost websites abused by spammers

    Rogue PHP pages that redirect users to work-at-home scams have been added to hundreds of websites hosted at DreamHost following a security breach suffered by the company in January, researchers from cloud security vendor Zscaler said.

  • News: The in-depth guide to data destruction

    A key part of any information security strategy is disposing of data once it's no longer needed. Failure to do so can lead to serious breaches of data-protection and privacy policies, compliance problems and added costs.

  • News: Programmer personality types: 13 profiles in code

    To the world at large, computers are scary machines that are impossible to understand, and programmers are the mysterious geniuses who know how to manipulate them even if they are never able to fix yours for whatever reason.

  • News: BTJunkie voluntarily closes file-sharing website

    The BitTorrent search engine BTJunkie has shut down its website, the latest file-sharing site to take defensive action following law enforcement's shutdown of MegaUpload last month.

  • News: Review: Intel's new 'Cherryville' SSD 520 drive

    Intel today started shipping its fastest solid-state drive to date, the 520 Series SSD, sporting its smallest 25nm NAND flash memory and SandForce's SATA 3.0 controller with 500MB/sec-plus performance.

  • News: Top Torrent Site BTjunkie Shuts Voluntarily

    BTjunkie, one of the largest torrent file-sharing sites, shut down voluntarily over the weekend. The service ranked among the top five torrent sites on the Internet and was never involved in legal action, but recent moves against the likes of MegaUpload and The Pirate Bay have influenced BTjunkie’s closure.

  • News: Smartphone Sales Boom -- Who Needs A Laptop?

    Will your next laptop be a smartphone? The idea isn't as crazy as it sounds. In the coming decade, mobile phones will gain capabilities that make them suitable replacements for the conventional desktop/laptop computer.

  • News: The Week in iPhone Cases: iLove

    Can you believe it's almost Valentine's Day? And what better way to find that elusive gift for your significant other than helping to protect their beloved iPhone? In this week's roundup of new iPhone cases, we've even got a model specifically designed for the annual holiday of love.

  • News: Facebook Alternative Path Adds Depth to Social Networking

    Facebook's rollout of Timeline and the privacy concerns that go along with it could drive some users down a less-traveled path.

  • News: Find February Deals on Laptops, HD TVs, Kindle Fire

    If you're shopping for a hefty laptop, big HD TV, or a Kindle Fire, February will be a good month to pull the trigger on a purchase.

  • News: Samsung Tweaks Apple, Takes Galaxy Note Orders

    If Samsung's latest Apple-bashing commercial during Super Bowl XLVI Sunday had you frothing at the mouth for the Samsung Galaxy Note, you can now place an advance order for the device from AT&T. The Korea-based gadget maker's latest addition to the Samsung Galaxy line will cost $300 with a new two-year contract from ATT.com or any company-owned retail store.

  • News: Google Privacy Issues Let Microsoft Tout IE9's Safeguards

    Microsoft is taking advantage of all the hullabaloo surrounding Google’s privacy policy changes, by buying ads last week in major newspapers that called out how its products and practices are different than Google’s and touting its Internet Explorer 9 and Bing products in company blogs.

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