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  • News: How AT&T Boosted Cell Coverage at Boston's TD Garden

    U.S. wireless carrier AT&T today announced it has finished installation of Boston's first indoor, LTE-capable Distributed Antenna System (DAS), designed to improve cellular-network performance during Boston Celtics basketball and Bruins hockey games, concerts and other events held at the TD Garden.

  • News: Panic announces Coda 2, Diet Coda for iPad

    Web developers, rejoice. On Monday, Panic announced that, come Thursday, it will unleash Coda 2 for Mac and Diet Coda for iPad.

  • News: Fewer US mobile users are paying a monthly bill

    Traditional mobile phone plans are now on the wane in the U.S., but the country's biggest carriers are still bringing in more money and leading the world in revenue, according to a report based on first-quarter results.

  • News: Avaya lays out roadmap for unified software management

    As Avaya continues its transition from a hardware company into a communications and collaboration software provider, it is going through some growing pains, including a shakeup of executives and uncertainty around a potential initial public offering that's been rumored for months.

  • News: Education group: Schools need 100 Mbps per 1,000 broadband users

    Schools in the U.S. will need broadband speeds of 100 Mbps per 1,000 students and staff members by the 2014-15 school year in order to meet a growing demand for Web-based instruction and a skyrocketing number of student-owned Web devices, according to a new report by a trade group representing state education agencies.

  • News: After attack causes delay, Voyager low-cost mobile service goes live

    Voyager Mobile, the startup that had planned to launch last Tuesday but said it was delayed by an attack on its website, went live on Sunday with an unlimited voice, text and data plan for US$39 per month.

  • News: Supreme Court lets stand $675,000 fine for music downloads

    The Supreme Court on Monday declined to consider the petition of Joel Tenenbaum, a former doctoral student at Boston University who faces a fine of US$675,000 for illegally downloading 30 songs.

  • News: 5 Tips for Social Business Adoption: How SAS Succeeded

    Business analytics company SAS was at a crossroads common to many companies pondering a social business platform: Its intranet housed various repositories of information that were cumbersome to navigate. The business, too, understood that millennials were seeking more social business tools.

  • News: Security: Prepared for the EU's New Data Protection Regulation?

    Big changes are coming to data protection laws in the European Union. Are you ready?

  • News: FTC appoints privacy advocate as adviser

    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has hired Paul Ohm, a privacy advocate and critic of current online privacy practices, as a senior privacy adviser for consumer protection and competition issues affecting the Internet and mobile services.

  • News: Mobile App Standoff: Web App vs. Native App

    For resources-strapped companies that want to get in the mobile app game, a Web app tuned for smartphones and tablets is a wise choice. Just ask Texas insurance provider ANICO.

  • News: Medical firm avoids Exchange nightmare with outside help

    International medical vendor Mediq was expanding in a big way by acquisition and needed a standard email platform across its business, but the project's cost and the complexity of doing it alone was so daunting that the company called on outside help that costs it less in the long run.

  • News: Upcoming Salesforce.com release adds real-time chat capabilities

    Salesforce.com, which has placed ample emphasis on its Chatter social networking application, will actually begin providing real-time chat functionality as part of an imminent upgrade to its family of cloud-based software, according to a company document.

  • News: Nasdaq's Facebook glitch came from race conditions

    The Nasdaq computer system that delayed trade notices of the Facebook IPO on Friday was plagued by race conditions, the stock exchange announced Monday. As a result of this technical glitch in its Nasdaq OMX system, the market expects to pay out US$13 million or even more to traders.

  • News: How to Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts

    There are many ways you can use Twitter to help build your business. For example, you can track trending topics, leverage Web analytics, and tap some 50 million daily users.

  • News: Thunderbolt cable options open up for Apple Mac users

    The number of options available for Mac users to buy Thunderbolt cables from outside Apple is growing, with companies announcing longer and competitively priced cables that will also work with upcoming Windows PCs with Thunderbolt ports.

  • News: Liquid Solar Cells: An Innovative Hazard

    As the race to find real renewable energy keep increasing its pace, some really innovative ideas have come out of some pretty poisonous materials. Take the University of Southern California's development with cadmium nanocrystals that are stable enough to conduct electricity and are able to float in a liquid solution, making them printable. This means "solar paint" is nearly within reach.

  • News: Key locations revealed in Steve Jobs tour

    Fancy going on the Mac fan’s ultimate holiday? Follow in the footsteps of Steve Jobs’ and visit key locations in California.

  • News: Android Jelly Bean release date, features, rumour round-up

    Keeping tabs on all those spilling the jelly beans on Android 5.0 Jelly Bean: release date, features, specs, smartphones, tablets.

  • News: Chrome trumps IE as world's top browser

    Google's Chrome edged past Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) last week to become the world's most widely-used browser, according to data from an Irish metric firm.

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