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  • News: 9 Secrets to Project Management Success

    Project management seems so straightforward. You set a deadline. You set a budget. You select the right people. The project gets done.

  • News: Round smartwatches mean more work for developers

    The arrival of the first round Android Wear-based smartwatches means developers have to take extra care to ensure their apps look good.

  • News: Microsoft's OneDrive Android app now supports separate business, personal accounts

    If you update Microsoft's OneDrive app for Android on Thursday, you'll notice one key addition: you can now upload files to your OneDrive for Business account.

  • News: Microsoft unifies OneDrive consumer and workplace versions on Android app

    Microsoft has consolidated the consumer and enterprise editions of OneDrive under a single Android app, a move it plans to replicate across all the platforms that the cloud storage service runs on.

  • News: Samsung tips Amazon 4K video streaming for October

    Amazon will start streaming its original shows in 4K resolution in October, at least according to Samsung.

  • News: Did you know Google's self-driving cars can't handle 99% of roads in the US?

    How many times have you encountered a road reality that didn't match up to navigation via Google Maps? Plenty of people have wrecked after tossing out their common sense in favor of depending solely upon GPS and Google Maps. There's quite a bit to be excited about when it comes to Google's self-driving car project, but many people have no clue that those autonomous cars can't drive in 99% of the U.S. Part of that is due to the fact that Google's self-driving cars can't be taken out in snow or in heavy rains. Another very real limitation comes into play if the self-driving car encounters something different than what the map says, such as unmapped traffic lights or stop

  • News: EU funds IT projects to help with flood monitoring and protection

    The EU is investing in IT to help it and its citizens protect themselves from floods.

  • News: Los Alamos National Lab's R&D fueling new quantum-crypto firm

    Technology development firm Allied Minds says it has set up a new company, Whitewood Encryption Systems, to develop quantum-crypto technology under an R&D licensing arrangement with Los Alamos National Laboratory.

  • News: SAP, a devices company? Maybe, maybe not

    While SAP has made a big push into mobile software and device management with the acquisition of Sybase and a series of apps, it hasn't made overt moves into the devices market. But this could change down the road, judging from a recently published patent application submitted by SAP.

  • News: How Medibank embraced cloud, overcame shadow IT

    Medibank is allowing staff outside of the IT department to sign up to cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) to reduce website hosting costs, while at the same time including IT security in the process, according to Medibank enterprise security manager Mark Burns.

  • News: NASA green-lights plans to build world's most powerful rocket

    NASA's program to build a heavy-lift rocket capable of launching astronauts into deep space is moving from the design to the development phase.

  • News: 6 powerful Google Apps features you're probably not using

    Google Drive apps are loved for their simplicity and ease of use, but don't let that fool you. There's a whole lot of power locked up in these web apps. And while we'd never put the suite on a par with Microsoft Office, there are some impressive features in Docs, Sheets, and Slides that you've likely overlooked.

  • News: 3 powerful iPhone battery cases perfect for back to school

    You know the feeling--that sinking feeling when you notice your phone is at 7 percent charged, and there's just no way you're going to make it to a power outlet for a while. You can turn the brightness down to barely visible, you can turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, heck you can even put that sucker in airplane mode, but it's not going to save you. You're stuck choosing between using your phone now, or trying to save that 7 percent to play some music on your bus ride home...which isn't for hours.

  • News: Department of Labor Doing IT Consolidation, Centralization Amid Tight Budget

    Dawn Leaf spends a lot of time thinking about consolidation. The deputy CIO at the Department of Labor, described a series of ongoing efforts at her organization to consolidate and standardize the IT operations in place at an array of agencies across the department during an appearance on Federal News Radio and an online question-and-answer session.

  • News: Samsung outs the Gear S, a curved Tizen smartwatch that doesn't need your phone

    The tech world is just full of surprises ahead of the IFA Berlin tradeshow, which starts next week. The very same evening that LG announced its round-faced G Watch R, Samsung outed a new 3G-capable smartwatch even Dick Tracy could love--and a Bluetooth headphone-necklace thing.

  • News: Spotify's Chromecast-like Spotify Connect feature coming to smart TVs

    When Spotify Connect debuted last September it was aimed at integrating the music streaming service with wireless speakers and home audio systems. Now, Spotify Connect's reach is moving beyond home audio to smart TVs.

  • News: Samsung clashes with labor group over allegations of Chinese underage workers

    A labor protection group is accusing one of Samsung's suppliers in China of hiring over 10 underage workers to build company components. But the Korean electronics giant was quick to dismiss the allegations, and said it had no "child workers" at the facility.

  • News: IBM uses Watson as part of new cloud service

    IBM announced late Wednesday that it's making its artificially intelligent computer system, Watson, available to researchers as a cloud service.

  • News: Rhapsody unRadio is no Pandora One killer but it's free (for some)

    In June, Rhapsody and T-Mobile announced Rhapsody unRadio, a subscription streaming music service. This isn't the first time we've seen such an arrangement. Mobile carriers and music streaming services are increasingly getting together in this one-hand-washes-the-other kind of way (as evidenced by the relationships between AT&T and Beats Music and Sprint and Spotify). Getting free or less-expensive music streaming is a perk that might attract customers to a particular carrier, and pre-packaging the services with specific data plans increases the services' visibility.

  • News: Security council blames breaches on poor PCI standard support

    The growing number of data breaches resulting in massive numbers of payment cards being stolen from retail stores and other businesses is occurring because they're failing to keep up with the Payment Card Industry's data security standard, according to the PCI Security Standards Council.

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