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Latest News

  • Video: PC Advisor at The Gadget Show Live 2013 - video

    PC Advisor goes to this year's Gadget Show Live.

  • Video: Kids program with Scratch

    At a recent conference at MIT students and educators came from around the world to discuss the uses, benefits, and possible improvements for Scratch, a programming interface.

  • Video: World Tech Update: 1 August 2008

    Cuil tries to compete with Google, kids program their own computer games, Intel’s Classmate gets a big order, the IOC admits to a censorship deal, Asus’s Eee Box launches, a Facebook faker gets a fine, Comcast is punished, the friendly skies might not be so friendly and a new cell phone service helps you do more than just make calls.

  • Video: Latest mobile phone services help you keep fit

    Mobile phones have always been about helping you keep in touch and now they're helping you stay healthly.

  • Video: Google & Microsoft compete with tech for education

    At the recent Campus Technology conference in Boston Google and Microsoft went head to head with their products for education. Both of them offer hosted email and online collaboration tools with much similarity

  • Video: Kids program with Scratch

    At a recent conference at MIT students and educators came from around the world to discuss the uses, benefits, and possible improvements for Scratch, a programming interface.

  • Video: Sharp's monster 108in LCD panel on show

    The world's largest LCD panel finds its first home, in a new cinema complex in Tokyo

  • Video: Intel Centrino 2 launches

    Intel's Centrino platform has received its first major update since it was launched in 2003. The Centrino 2 platform combines a Core 2 Duo processor runing between 2.26GHz and 3.06GHz, a graphics chipset capable of handling high-definition graphics and a wireless chipset.

  • Video: Day one at E3 brings lots of Xbox 360 news

    E3 is underway in Los Angeles and the big news from day one is a coup for Microsoft: The Xbox 360 will be getting Final Fantasy 13 on the same day as it appears on the PlayStation 3.

  • Video: Nintendo and Sony dominates day two at E3

    Day two of E3 and big news from Sony and Nintendo. First from Nintendo and the makers of the Wii are responding to the popularity of music simulations games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band with one of their own.

  • Video: World Technology Update, August 08 2008

    Cars that sense when your about to have a collision, new laptop rules at US borders and we take Toyota’s robotic transporter for a spin. All that news and more on this week's World Tech Update.

  • Video: World Technology Update: August 15 2008

    New technology replaces limbs, Olympic advertisers go for gold, and Casio packs a load of features into a new phone. All that news and more on this week’s World Tech Update.

  • Video: Too Human preview

    While it's not perfect, Too Human is an Xbox 360 action game with an RPG twist that will appeal to MMO fans. And Too Human has enough going for it to silence its many critics.

  • Video: World Technology Update: September 12 2008

    In this week’s show: wireless executives keynote at CTIA, Yahoo introduces a new iPhone application, software turns a mobile phone into a wireless router, Apple introduces new iPods, Ashton Kutcher talks tech, Sony unveils new gadgets and a portable fuel cells charges your devices.

  • Video: Sony shows prototype speakers

    Sony has unveiled a couple of possible follow-ons to its distinctive Sountina speaker that was launched earlier this year

  • Video: IFA: Philips shows off new products at IFA

    At the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin Philips showed off some new technology. While they did devote a section to home electronics, consumer electronics, especially televisions, were the highlight.

  • Video: World Technology Update: September 5 2008

    In this week’s show: we report from IFA in Berlin on a virtual mirror that makes trying on clothes a snap, Sony’s new line of Walkman players, LG’s network attached storage system, a super slim prototype LCD TV by Philips, eco friendly electronics, a traffic alert system, Toshiba’s advanced 3D modeling and Samsung’s new lightweight laptop.

  • Video: T-Mobile G1: See the first Google Android phone in action

    T-Mobile and Google demonstrate the G1, the first mobile phone to use Google’s Android software platform. It will be available in UK beginning in November.

  • Video: Brin, Page and developers demo T-Mobile G1

    T-Mobile and Google execs unveil the G1, the first phone to run on Google’s Android software.

  • Video: Tomb Raider Underworld preview

    Due out on November 21, Tomb Raider Underworld lays claim to being the first next-generation Tomb Raider release, boasting stunning graphics. In this trailer, cinematics director Toby Gard and creative director Eric Lindstrom reveal the story behind Lara's latest adventure, which will be available across all major gaming platforms.

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