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New iPad: first look and preview

What we predicted, what we first thought

We're expecting the new iPad to launch early next year, and Apple is being predictably tight-lipped about what new features it will contain. PC Advisor will bring you a full review as soon as the new iPad launches, but in the meant time there are a few things we know.

new iPad display

For instance, components orders from both screen and backlit units manufacturers strongly suggest that the new iPad will include a 9.7-inch high resolution (2048x1536) display. This is double the current screen resolution of the iPad 2 (1024x768). Indeed, there is a strong suggestion that the iPad will utilise LG Display's Retina Display, and even some hints of a 3D screen, although we'd take that with a pinch of salt. HD is where it's at for the next iPad.

new iPad: camera

And for that high-definition display, expect a high-resolution camera to take images. The new iPad should be the first Apple tablet that can be your primary camera. It will have front- and rear-facing cameras, with the latter having an 8Mp sensor.

new iPad: NFC chip for security and convenience

We understand that the new iPad may include an NFC (Near Field Communication) wireless chip. This will allow Apple's next-generation tablet to be used a security pass, an electronic wallet and a remote control for your PC.

new iPad: the next generation

There are plenty of wild-and-wooly rumours about what will and will not be included in the new iPad, but one feature we fully expect to see is 4G connectivity. How much UK users will be able to take advantage of that in early 2012 remains to be seen...

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