Router and networking specialist D-Link is set to launch its DSM-510 Wireless MediaLounge player in the UK.

The media sharing box has been “optimised for the Intel Viiv processor”, we’re told and should deliver high-definition video content across a home network.

Crucially, however, D-Link makes it clear that a wired connection is required in order to enjoy HD content over a network. The D-Link is able to work with wireless devices that use the 802.11b or g spectrums and to shunt multimedia content such as home-recorded TV programmes, photos downloaded from a digital camera and music stored on a PC hard disk or a NAS (network-attached storage) drive from host device to an amplified player.

While many media streaming devices are capable of sharing photos, video and music around a home network, Intel Viiv certification is unusual. Intel Viiv is a concept the processor company outlined in August 2005 at its Intel Developer Forum and formally unveiled in the UK in January 2006.

It works on a similar principle to Microsoft’s Media Center concept, whereby software and hardware partners work together on a specialist entertainment platform. The aim is to guarantee for the consumer interoperability, compatibility and minimum performance levels.

The intention of the Viiv label is to offer reassurance to the less tech-savvy home user who simply wants their myriad devices to be able to recognise each other and to work – rather than requiring complex setup routines or driver updates. A strong broadband connection and Microsoft’s Windows Media Center are central tenets.

As well as being Viiv-certified, D-Link’s DSM-510 MediaLounge compact wireless media player is certified to be able to play DivX-encoded compressed video files. Ogg Vorbis, Aiff, WAV audio and Windows Media Audio formats are supported as well as the standard MP3 music format. Video fans can play Mpeg 1, 2 and Mpeg4, Windows Media Video 9, XviD and AVI files while photos saved as bitmaps (.bmp), Jpeg2000, PNG and Gif as well as Tiff and Jpeg can all be viewed.

In addition to playing locally stored content on a home network, DSM-510 owners will have access to the Intel Viiv Zone. This offers a selection of on-demand content including music, TV shows and movies, as well as information services (we’re guessing news headlines, weather forecasts, travel advice and stock market tickers), all of which can be piped down a broadband line.

D-Link’s UK marketing manager, Andrew Mulholland, said of the D-Link DSM-510: "Passing Intel Viiv technology verification and DivX certification underscores our commitment to bring next-generation wireless solutions to market for consumers to enjoy seamless sharing and instant access to digital media and entertainment from anywhere inside their home".

The D-Link DSM-510 MediaLounge wireless media player has an RRP of £190 including VAT. For further details see

D-Linlk DSM-510 MediaLounge

The D-Link DSM-510 MediaLounge is a wireless media player that is certified as an Intel Viiv device