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Mobile2Display: Connect your phone to a TV

Wireless technology promises to be one of the hot topics at CES this year, with manufacturers seeking to kill the cables that clutter up our living rooms and offices. Quartics, which showed off its PC-to-TV product at CES last year, is demonstrating a new take on the technology which allows smartphone users to send video and other content wirelessly to large-screen TVs.

Quartics' original PC-to-TV technology takes video content that's streamed from the web onto a laptop and delivers it wirelessly to a TV. The new smartphone version - called Mobile2Display - extends the concept to Windows Mobile-based handsets, so any video clip located on a phone could be delivered to a TV.

As well as allowing consumers to see phone-based video clips in a large-screen format, Quartics said the technology could find uses in the business market. You could, for example, take a PowerPoint presentation that's stored on your handset and send it wirelessly to a large screen.

The company showed the technology running on a T-Mobile handset, and said it's working on an iPhone version too. It's due for release at the beginning of Q2.

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