Above: Galaxy S8 renders leaked via @OnLeaks

There are so many rumours floating around about the Galaxy S8. In this article we'll break them down for you so you know exactly what to expect from the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ - that's right, Samsung is ditching the edge naming with both versions coming with a dual-curved edge screen. The key difference this time around will be size, with the Galaxy S8 showing off a 5.8in screen and the Galaxy S8+ a huge 6.2in panel. Also see: Best new phones coming in 2017 and Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S8 preview.

Don't worry, though, with the removal of the physical home button (the fingerprint scanner will be placed to the side of the rear camera) and minimal screen bezels - a trend kickstarted by the Mi Mix and already confirmed for the LG G6 - these handsets aren't going to be significantly larger than their predecessors. They're just going to be a lot more awesome.

With exclusive rights to the Snapdragon 835 for the time being, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be the fastest phones to see the light of day within the next couple of months. They won't arrive at February's MWC (although there may be a sneak preview, and Samsung is expected to confirm their launch date at the show), but in a separate Samsung Unpacked event on 29 March. You can expect the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ to be on sale on 21 April.

We'll likely see the Micro-USB port swapped for USB-C, and though this may support digital audio Samsung isn't expected to do an Apple and remove the headphone port. Audio could get another boost through stereo speakers, too. The rumoured S Pen digital stylus is unlikely, given that the Note 8 is on track for later this year. 

Also new will be the Bixby voice assistant, Samsung's answer to the Google Assistant.

LATEST UPDATE: Samsung's Secure Folder app which was introduced with the Note 7 and is now available for the Galaxy S7 reveals perhaps a little more than Samsung intended to give away about the upcoming Galaxy S8. Most notably, its design:

Secure Folder

Read on for more details on the Galaxy S8 UK release date, price and specification rumours, plus leaked images.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Image above: Via @OnLeaks, is the most recently leaked image of the Galaxy S8. Below is another recent image from VentureBeat.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 name: What will the new Samsung phone be called?

With speculation that Samsung will make standard the dual-curved-edge screen previously used only for its edge models, it's unlikely that the company will continue to distinguish between its Galaxy S-series models in this manner. Since the key differences will now be the size, battery capacity and potentially the camera, we think Samsung might choose to go down the Apple route and call what would be the Galaxy S8 edge the Galaxy S8 Plus.

And we're not the only ones who think this. Our theory has been backed up by a report in the Korean Herald, which says Samsung has hinted at removing the standard flat-screen version and replacing it with the edge model.

Samsung trademarked the Galaxy S8 in mid-January, but unfortunately there was no separate listing for Galaxy S8 Plus or edge. However, @evleaks recently leaked the logo for the Galaxy S8+, suggesting we were correct with our theory:

Galaxy S8+ logo

Samsung Galaxy S8 UK release date rumours: When is the Galaxy S8 coming out?

Samsung Galaxy S8 UK release date: 29 March 2017 (TBC)
Samsung Galaxy S8 UK on sale date: 21 April 2017 (TBC)

It's now been confirmed by Samsung mobile chief Koh Dong-jin that the Galaxy S8 will not be present at MWC 2017, which annoyingly for its rivals means they won't be able to unveil any flagship phones toting the Snapdragon 835 chip at the show either. This is because Samsung, which is helping Qualcomm make the new 10nm chip, has the exclusive: no other phone using the processor can launch before its Galaxy S8. Those phones will instead either have to use the Snapdragon 821 (which both LG and HTC are rumoured to do with their upcoming flagships), or launch the device later in the year (hello OnePlus 4).

Even before we found this out, though, there was speculation that Samsung would instead hold its own Unpacked event in March. Evan Blass (aka @evleaks), writing for VentureBeat, suggests this will take place on 29 March. Blass is well-respected for his leaks, the vast majority of which turn out to be true. He says the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will then go on sale on 21 April.

The on sale date is in line from what we've heard from other sources. Many have suggested 18 April, while The Guardian cites 21 April, ETNews 15 April, and Forbes 14 April.

That Samsung wouldn't launch its Galaxy S8 at MWC 2017 was surprising, given that it has always held an Unpacked event the day before the tradeshow kicks off to launch its latest Galaxy. However, perhaps we shouldn't have been so surprised: it shunned IFA 2016 for the ill-fated Note 7, launching the handset earlier in August, and following its discontinuation (which cost Samsung a bomb) it's only natural that it wants more time to make absolutely sure it gets the Galaxy S8 right. The fact it will weaken its rivals too is possibly the icing on the cake. Also see: Best Samsung phones 2016 

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