The new Note 5 isn't officially available in the UK... yet. Here we explain how you can buy the Note 5 today, and why you might want to - especially now Samsung has fixed the S Pen problem. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 UK release date, price, specification and features. Also see: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 reviewMeet the new Note 5 - Galaxy Note 5 in pictures.


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 UK release date, price: When is the new Note 5 coming to the UK? How to buy the Note 5 in the UK

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung's August 2015 UK Unpacked event focused solely on the new Galaxy S6 Edge+, although we also got the opportunity to spend some time with its new tablet, the Galaxy Tab S2. 

So when is the Note 5 coming to the UK? Officially, nobody knows, although it was strongly rumoured to appear in January and we wouldn't be surprised if it got some attention at February's MWC. Regardless, you can still get hold of one in the UK, if not officially - for now.

Over on Amazon the Note 5 costs £473, while the cheapest Buy It Now price we could find on eBay at the time of writing was £375.

O2 customers should note that the SM-N920i model does not support 800MHz (Band 20) LTE, which means this model will not offer 4G on their network (Three, EE and Vodafone customers can take advantage of the phone's 1800MHz and 2600MHz LTE bands).

An SM-N920C model is also listed, which appears to support all three UK 4G LTE bands, but it's always best to check the exact specification with the seller before you buy. Learn more about how to check whether a phone is supported by your network.  

In the US the Note 5 went on sale on 21 August 2015 with a SIM-free RRP of $999.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 specification and new features

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung's Note 5 is a massively powerful device, with a Samsung Exynos 7420 octa-core 64-bit processor, 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM and either 32- or 64GB of storage.

Measuring 153.2x76.1x7.6mm and weighing 171g, the new Note 5 squeezes in a 5.7in Quad HD (2560x1440, 518ppi) SuperAMOLED screen.

It runs Android Lollipop 5.1 out of the box, and features LTE Cat 6 connectivity. There's also the latest dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi with MIMO, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC and a fingerprint scanner.

A non-removable battery is rated at 3000mAh, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 supports sat charging through both wired and wireless chargers. For wireless it supports WPC and PMA.

For photography you'll find 16Mp with optical image stabilisation at the rear, and 5Mp at the front. As with the S6, a double-press of the home button will instantly launch the main camera.

The Note 5, as always, comes with Samsung's S Pen stylus, now redesigned to feel more balanced in the hand and offer improved writing capabilities. You can write down notes while the screen is off, and the Air Command feature is also more intuitive.

Unfortunately, early users of the Note 5 showed that breaking the Note 5 was as easy as inserting the S Pen the wrong way around, which can permanently disable the handset's stylus-detection feature. At the time Samsung merely suggested that owners should read the manual and not insert the S Pen incorrectly, but Phandroid claims it has now redesigned the internal mechanism to fix the problem once and for all.

Samsung Pay will come to the new Note 5, although a UK release date for that is also unknown. It will launch in Korea on 20 August, and in the US on 28 September.

The Note 5 will be available in White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum and Silver Titanium. 

Update 16 October: In Korea Samsung will sell a Pink Gold colour option much like the Rose Gold of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. It will go on sale there on 23 October, but it is not yet known whether the pink option will also come to Europe, the US and elsewhere.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Below you can read the Note 5 rumours that circulated on the web prior to its launch - how much of it turned out to be true?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was launched in September 2014 to near universal acclaim, but no sooner had Samsung's latest phablet hit the market than we started hearing the first whispers about the next Galaxy Note (and potentially now scrapped Note 5 Edge). In this article we trawl through the rumours on the web to bring you the best Galaxy Note 5 rumours. (See also: 13 best phablets of 2015 UK: What's the best large-screen smartphone?)

Update 13 August: Although Samsung is expected to have removed microSD support from the new Note 5, it is alleged that a dual-SIM variant will feature a microSD card slot. Note that this version will unlikely be officially available in the UK, although you may well be able to pick it up via grey-market sites, Amazon or eBay.

Update 12 August: Following several leaked images from case makers, our friends at MobileFun got in touch to let us know it now has a full range of Note 5 cases and accessories to pre-order.

evleaks has also confirmed that the Note 5's battery will be rated at 3000mAh, which is sure to disappoint many fans who are already upset by the suggestion that neither will the battery be removable.

Update 10 August: Yet more photos of the Note 5 have been leaked, including the box which shows confirmation of specs such as 4GB of RAM, a 64-bit processor and, for this model 32GB, implying the device won't begin at 64GB. The leaker also confirmed the lack of an SD card slot and the inclusion of 'push to pop' mechanism for the S Pen. Via iNoob and Reddit.

Galaxy Note 5 box

Galaxy Note 5

Update 5 August: Following earlier photos of the upcoming Galaxy Note 5, new (and very clear) photos have been published via DroidLife. It also seems to confirm the worst nightmare of some Android users - like the Galaxy S6, the Galaxy Note 5 will not have expandable storage, or a removable battery. The photos also show off a sleek metal-and-glass form factor, which was welcomed by fans of the Galaxy S6. It also boasts curved edges, as it'll help users comfortably hold this 5.7in phablet.

In the below image, we're seeing a brand new menu for Air Command that includes a never-seen-before shortcut, namely the Instagram shortcut. It's unclear at this moment, but it seems that Samsung will allow users to customise the Air Command shortcut menu and add useful app shortcuts, hopefully prompting users to access the menu more frequently.

Update 30 July: Samsung has confirmed the 'next-generation Galaxy' smartphones will have a focus on audio. "Next generation Galaxy devices will make you believe you are truly at the live concert you’re listening to on your earphones, and will provide audio quality that sounds better than even before," said the firm.

Update 23 July: The August launch looks more likely with new info (see release date section) and we have proper photos of the Galaxy Note 5 via Mobile Fun.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 leaked photos

Update 17 July: After some decent looks at the Note 5 in cases (see towards the bottom of the page), we've got some impressive looking renders from nowhereelse. They look perfectly plausible with a similar look to the Galaxy S6 models but in the larger Note form and space for the S Pen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 leaked render

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 leaked render back

Update 27 July: Yet another Note 5 leak, here we are allegedly viewing a Galaxy Note prototype in gold [via]. Ports and speaker placement are as seen on the Samsung Galaxy S6, with an additional home for the S Pen.

New Note 5 prototype

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 UK release date: When is the Note 5 coming out?

Samsung is in the habit of launching a new Galaxy Note smartphone just before IFA each year in Berlin. This gets its most important handset out just in time for the Christmas rush, with the nice additional benefit of trumping whatever Apple launches a week or so later. IFA kicks off on September 4 2015, so our money was originally on a September 3 2015 launch for the Galaxy Note 5. (See also: The UK's best Android smartphones of 2015.)

However, Who Wired Korea suggests it could arrive as early as July. "Samsung Electronics has reportedly expedited the release plan to complete the prototype in mid-June. Samsung confirmed the final specification of its latest prototype and showcased it to its clients including global telecom companies to take pre-orders before the launch at the end of July," it claims.

This would be unexpected, especially given that Samsung Pay has been delayed until September and Samsung has claimed it will launch with its next high-end device.

However, those Obliq cases are arriving very soon and SamMobile reports that Samsung will announce the Galaxy Note 5 on 12 August alongside the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. It will then supposedly go on sale on 21 August.

A newer report by Business Korea says that Samsung will actually launch the Galaxy Note 5 a day later on 13 August. According to industry insiders, it will take place in New York and the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will be there too.

Before you dismiss those rumours, check out this bad boy: the invites are out, and Samsung is holding an Unpacked event on 13 August (in, surprise, surprise, New York). Check out our live stream and live blog for real-time coverage of the Note 5 launch.

Note 5 invite

Unfortunately, although the new Note 5 is more than likely to be unveiled on 13 August, rumour has it that the new Galaxy phablet will not be coming to the UK straight away. As Sammobile reported last month, Samsung has put the European firmware on hold. 

"Countries like North America, South Korea, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Asia will be seeing the Galaxy Note 5 hit retail shelves, but neither Samsung Europe nor Samsung Russia seem to be working on the phone’s software. It’s not that the Note 5 won’t come to these regions at all, but it is possible the launch will be limited to a lesser number of markets than what we’re used to for Samsung’s flagship smartphones," it reports.

Whether the new Note 5 never officially arrives in the UK or is simply delayed in order to let the new S6 Edge+ have the limelight a little while longer, we'll be sure to bring you details of how to buy the new Note 5 in the UK.

The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is supposedly shown below, via onleaks, next to the Note 5 and Galaxy S6 but it seems to be missing the physical home button which we've all become accustomed to.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 specification and Note 5 features: What to expect from Galaxy Note 5

It is a point of honour for Samsung that its flagship Galaxy Note has an unsurpassed specification when it launches. So expect fireworks. See also: Samsung Galaxy S6 review.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 processor

Rumours suggest the Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with either a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset and 4GB of RAM, or Samsung's own Exynos 7422 chipset, with four Cortex-A57 cores and four Cortex-A53. Samsung shunned the 810 for its Galaxy S6 citing overheating issues, and instead opted for its own Exynos chip, so the latter isn't out of the question. Then again, the upcoming OnePlus 2 will feature a revised version of the 810 that doesn't have these problems, so Qualcomm could be back on Samsung's radar soon.

On 8 July, Sammobile reported that it's a virtual certainty that Samsung will go for the 7422 chipset. It said that Samsung was testing the 7430 and a 4K screen, but decided to settle for the 7422 and a 2K screen for the Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 cameras

Valuewalk is reporting that the camera in the Galaxy Note 5 could be as powerful as 21-megapixels in resolution, although we have read 18Mp elsewhere and it's quite possible Samsung will stick to 16Mp as it did with the S6. Again, Valuewalk suggests a 6Mp front-facing camera, and other sites are reporting 5Mp or even 8Mp selfies. Regardless, the word on the street seems to be a huge sensor for the main camera, and a surprisingly powerful front-facing camera. Expect to be able to capture full-HD video.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 storage and microSD support

There are lots of rumours about storage options, suggesting a range of SKUs from 16GB up to 128GB. Take them with a pinch of salt, and expect 32GB, potentially with SD card support up to 128GB. Samsung lost the SD card support in its Galaxy S6, but it didn't go unnoticed by Samsung fans. We'd like to see the microSD card slot make a return in the Note 5, but rumours of an all-metal chassis may make this unlikely - although not impossible.

SamMobile's latest report suggests that the Galaxy Note 5 will not have a microSD card slot which would follow on from the Galaxy S6 models. However, Slashgear reports that it may well have one after all. It's pretty up in the air on this front.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 feature poll

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 battery

We've read rumours suggesting a 4000mAh or 4,100mAh battery cell, and an ultra-battery saver mode. Whether or not the battery will be removable will largely depend on whether Samsung sticks with the metal chassis seen in the Samsung Galaxy S6, and rumours suggest it will.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 software

The Note 5 will ship with Android Lollipop but will definitely get an upgrade to Android M. Expect the same software features seen in the Samsung Galaxy S6, plus the addition of Samsung Pay (which will launch with the Note 5) and a bunch of features that help you make the most of the bundled S Pen stylus. (See also: Best smartphones of 2015 UK.)

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 screen

Early rumours, which originated with GSMArena, indicated that Samsung would include in the Galaxy Note 5 its first Ultra-HD 4K AMOLED display. Strictly speaking a 5.9in AMOLED with a - frankly ridiculous - pixel density of 743ppi. This would equate to a native resolution of 2160×3840 pixels, and would likely make your eyes bleed with all that detail on a colourful AMOLED screen. It would certainly capture the imagination, however.

Samsung's own slide shows that UHD displays are scheduled for 2015 in its mobile roadmap, but the latest rumours from Sammobile suggest Samsung has decided against 4K and will instead use a 5.67in Super AMOLED display with 2560x1440 pixels. Yet more rumours suggest it might have a curved edge like the S6 Edge, but there have been no leaked images showing this.

Galaxy Note 5 4K UHD screen

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 dimensions and design

According to Naver, the Note 5 will be 7.9mm thick. This is an improvement over the 8.5mm Note 4. Reports suggest a glass design like the Galaxy S6, slim bezels and the same colour options that the Note 4 offers - gold, silver, black and white.

@OnLeaks has posted a video showing a very basic 3D CAD model purporting to be the Note 5. We're not convinced in any way, not least because the dimensions quoted on the video suggest the new model will be 10.2mm thick. Highly unlikely. In any case, you can watch and decide for yourself.

We've got our first good look at the Galaxy Note 5 thanks to the below leaked image of the phone in a case from nowhereelse. It's taken on the style of the Galaxy S6 range. This could be legit or a complete fake and we're not entirely sure going by the cutouts on the case for the headphone jack and S Pen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 case

More case images appear to show the Galaxy Note 5 design. These are made by Obliq and match up almost exactly with the one below - apart from the sensors seen next to the ear piece. MobileFun tells us they are expected to arrive in the next week or two which points towards an earlier release than September for the Note 5. New rumours suggest an August launch date - see the release date section below for more details.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in case

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge and Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus

PhoneArena says that there will be a 5.78in version of the Note 5 that has a dual edge similar to the freshly launched Galaxy S6 Edge and, of course, the Galaxy Note Edge, but more recent rumours say the Note 5 Edge has been scrapped. In the light of new Galaxy S6 Plus rumours, this sounds likely. The S6 Plus is rumoured to launch with a larger dual-edge 5.4- or 5.5in panel, making it a touch smaller than the Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 other rumours

According to, expect front-facing speakers and an aluminium chassis. With Android M including support for USB Type-C, that's more than likely a new feature for the Note 5.

Stay tuned to this page: we will bring you all the Galaxy Note 5 facts and rumours as they emerge. (See also: What's the fastest smartphone 2015?)

Note 5 specification summary

Based on the rumours we've heard, this is what we expect from the new Note 5.

• Octa-core 64-bit Samsung Exynos 7422 processor

• 4GB of RAM

• 32GB onboard storage, microSD support up to 128GB

• Android Lollipop, with upgrade to Android M and support for Samsung Pay

• 5.9in Ultra-HD (4K, 2160x3840) Super AMOLED display

• 4G, dual-band 802.11ac with MIMO and Download Booster, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, GPS, GLONASS, 

• 16Mp rear- and 5Mp front cameras

• S Pen stylus

• Fingerprint scanner (touch-based)

• Heart-rate sensor

• USB Type-C

• 4,100mAh battery with fast charging and ultra power-saving mode, probably not removable

• 7.9mm thick metal chassis

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 UK price: How much will the Note 5 cost?

The original Galaxy Note cost £599 inc VAT when it launched. The Galaxy Note 2 cost £550 inc VAT when it launched. Both the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 4 cost £599 inc VAT when they were released. So, guess what: expect the Galaxy Note 5 to cost somewhere between £550 inc VAT and £599 inc VAT when it launches. Our money is, like the Galaxy S6, on £599. See also: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Note 4.

We're updating this page every week, so bookmark us now and come back soon for your fill of new Note 5 rumours.