It seems insanely early to be talking about new Google phones, with the Pixel and Pixel XL having only gone on sale in October, but if there are rumours we will report them. It's important to point out that all the rumours in this article come via a single source of 9to5Google's editor Stephen Hall. We're not doubting the source's credibility, but pointing out the fact we have no other source to back up any of the information. Plus, at this stage in the proceedings, plans have a tendency to change - Google is reportedly only at the hardware testing of prototypes stage after all. Nevertheless, here's what we know about the next Google phone, the Google Pixel 2.

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Latest update:According to 9to5Google, an internal document shown to the site confirm that Google will follow Apple in removing the 3.5mm headphone jack in the Pixel 2. We presume this means it will instead get USB-C audio.

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Will the 2017 Google phone be a Nexus or a Pixel?

Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google's head of Android, told Bloomberg last October that while the company wasn't closing the door completely on Nexus it didn't currently have plans for any Nexus devices. Based on this alone we would suggest the next Google phone is a Pixel rather than a Nexus.

Rick Osterloh, Google's Senior Vice President of Hardware, has also confirmed that the Pixel will get a successor in 2017.

Who will make the Pixel 2?

It's too early to know who will be making the Google Pixel 2, since we doubt Google has even made a final decision on that just yet. In the past we've seen Google phones manufactured by LG, HTC, Huawei, Samsung and Motorola. The maker of the new Google phone could be any of these partners, but equally it could be a brand-new hardware partner. We'll update this article when we know more.

When is the Pixel 2 release date? 

Google Senior Vice President of Hardware, Rick Osterloh, has confirmed that a Pixel 2 will arrive in 2017. "There is an annual rhythm in the industry. So, you can count on us to follow it," Osterloh said. "You can count on a successor this year, even if you don't hear a date from me now," Osterloh told Android Pit. Osterloh also said the Pixel 2 would retain its premium price.

We now know that Google I/O will be held 17-19 May 2017, during which time it will more than likely unveil a developer preview of its forthcoming Android operating system, Android O. This is important because the company has always used its annual phone releases as the launch vehicles for the final version of its latest operating system. Also see: How to install latest Android 7.1.2 Beta

Allowing for a good few months of Android O betas prior to the final release, Google phones are traditionally unveiled in late-September/early-October. The current Pixel and Pixel XL were announced at a special event on 5 October 2016, and went on sale on 20 October. We'd expect a similar time frame for the Google Pixel 2.

How much will the new Google phone cost in the UK?

Rick Osterloh has confirmed that Pixel will retain its premium pricing in 2017.

When it switched its phone line branding from Nexus to Pixel in 2016, Google moved away from high-value devices and toward more premium phones. The cheapest Pixel today costs £599, while the cheapest Pixel XL costs £719. 9to5Mac's source suggests we should expect at least a $50 increase on this due to improvements it is making to the camera and adding waterproofing.

However, the same source also suggests Google is experimenting with a cheaper, lower-specified Pixel 2B that it hopes to launch at the same time or shortly after the Pixel 2 in emerging markets. If it goes ahead there is no guarantee we will see this cheaper Pixel in the UK.

What are the rumoured specifications?

Through 9to5Google's source we know two key things about the upcoming Google Pixel 2: it will be waterproof, and it will feature an improved camera. 

Hall tweeted in late-January that he recalled being told back in October that the next Google phone would be waterproof, and the fact the current model was not came down to an issue of time constraints, and the need to keep down costs. He says Google was forced to choose between upgrading the camera and making the Pixel waterproof.

Google Pixel 2 waterproof

The current Pixel and Pixel XL are IP58 rated, which means they are dustproof and protected against spraying water, but not submersible or water-resistant.

On the subject of the camera, Hall writes that his source has claimed the camera will be improved, not in terms of the megapixel count but in the number of extra features. Google particularly wants to focus on getting low-light photography right.

The processor also gets a mention, and Google has apparently been testing models with both Snapdragon 835 and Intel chips, but has already ruled out cheaper brand MediaTek.

The video shown at the top of this page is the latest creation from Concept Creators. It shows renders of what the Pixel 2 may look like, based on speculation and rumours, as well as some suggested specifications that are in line with what we might expect from a flagship phone arriving later this year. However, one interesting thing to note is the inclusion of a red Google Pixel 2. Does Google really have a red model planned, or is Concept Creator poking fun at its new Really Blue model with the idea of a Really Red model? Unfortunately we won't know until more leaks and rumours appear online. It does look pretty cool, though.

Google Pixel 2 red

According to 9to5Google, an internal document shown to the site confirm that Google will follow Apple in removing the 3.5mm headphone jack in the Pixel 2. We presume this means it will instead get USB-C audio.

We'll bring you more rumours about the Google Pixel 2 as we hear them.

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