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OnePlus Two release date rumours: Knock on Wood announcement is bamboo cover

We take a look at the possible release date for a OnePlus Two smartphone

OnePlus Two release date: Kock On Wood

The OnePlus One is probably the best deal for a smartphone in 2014. However, rumours are already appearing about a follow-up OnePlus Two model. See also: OnePlus One review: bargain flagship Android is best deal smartphone of 2014.

The interesting thing here is that although the OnePlus One costs just £229 while offering the spec of a £500+ smartphone, you can only buy it if you have an invite. Well that hasn't stopped information appearing about the next model. See also: We investigate the OnePlus One mini and OnePlus One tablet - what's coming next from OnePlus?

OnePlus Two release date rumours

While the OnePlus One was codenamed 'bacon', according to the reliable evleaks, the OnePlus Two has been tagged 'lettuce'. There's little to gather from this apart from the supposed existence of another smartphone. See also: 35 best smartphones of 2014 UK.

The CyanogenMod Android version which runs on the OnePlus is referred to as 'bacon' so perhaps the OnePlus Two will come with an updated edition.

It's unclear when the OnePlus Two will be announced but it seems unlikely to be any time soon since the original is still only available via invitation. However, OnePlus will be announcing something this month. (See also: Buy OnePlus One phone with or without an invite.)

OnePlus One smartphone

On its Google+ page, the firm posted an image (top of page) teasing 'knock on wood' with the date 22 July. There are two main possibilities here; either a new wooden rear cover for the OnePlus One or a proper launch for the phone meaning anyone can buy it without the need for an invite – or both.

As was more likely, OnePlus announced a new Bamboo StyleSwap cover for the One smartphone. It will cost £32.

OnePlus One Bamboo StyleSwap Cover

Let us know what you would want from a OnePlus Two in the comments below. We'll keep you up to date as soon as we hear more.

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