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ArtRage for iPhone puts high-end digital painting in your pocket

ArtRage apps lets you doodle on the move

Ambient Design has released a version of its ArtRage painting software as an iPhone app for US$.99/69p.

Aiming the replicate the feel of real paints - something the company's desktop ArtRage Pro tool is feted for - the app keeps track of how much paint there is and how "wet" it is, so colours can blend under the brush. It also incorporates canvas grain and drier pigment textured effects and allows Layers to be added to the painting so users can work on individual elements without damaging others. Photos can be imported to smear around like oil paint or used as a tracing image that can be overlaid on the canvas.

Featuring an interface designed specifically for the iPhone, ArtRage for iPhone is compact, maximizing the creative space without hiding critical functions, such as tool and color selection. As the user paints, controls move out of the way so they don't have to stop and manually adjust panels. In addition, with support for Multi-Touch gestures, important shortcuts are also available without the need of any interface.

Here's the bullet-point features list.

Real oil colour:

Oil Brush with thickness and smearing.High quality strokes respect the volume of paint on the canvas, letting artists play with texture as well as color.Palette Knife for spreading and blending pigment.Paint Tube for laying down thick blobs of oil.

Sketching tools that interact with the canvas:

Pencil for sketching or shading.Eraser and Flood Fill.Each tool comes with a set of variant types for different effects.Inking Pen with auto-smoothing for crisp illustration.Crayon for waxy shaded lines. Tracing images:

Export PNG or JPG by email, or export to the Photos App.Import photos to a new file or a layer.Use the camera as a source for New Files, References, Layers, or Tracing Images.


Add Layers to the canvas with easy adjustment of opacity and visibility.

Easy access to tools & colours:

Easy access pods in the corners provide important functionality without getting in the way.Elements vanish as the user paints so they can paint underneath without having to stop.Multi-Touch provides instant shortcuts for canvas manipulation and Brush Size.Quick Reference and Help cover the basics of the application.Tap and drag tool selection allows tool selection in one quick gesture.Unlimited Undo/Redo.

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