Quake, for many, is one of the most iconic games of the '90s, which meant the announcement of a revival at E3 2016 was welcomed by many. Quake Champions is set to launch over 20 years after the first Quake game hit the market back in 1996, and will offer impressive gameplay if nothing else. Here, we discuss Quake Champions release date rumours, along with gameplay rumours and any trailers/videos we come across. Read next: Most anticipated games

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Latest update: We now know that Quake Champions will be free-to-play, with an option to buy the full game outright - read more

When is the Quake Champions release date?

Of course the biggest question right now is “When will Quake Champions be released in the UK?” and sadly, we don’t have an answer – not just yet, anyway.

Make sure you keep checking back, as we’ll update this section with new information as soon as we receive it!

What platforms will Quake Champions be released on?

Initially Quake Champions will be PC only, in an effort to stay true to the franchise's roots on the platform. However, that doesn't mean there's no chance of a console version - one just hasn't been announced yet.

"It's a PC game. No excuses. No limitations. We're going to focus on one platform," said Quake co-creator Tim Willits, but added: "we're not totally shutting the door on consoles."

How much will Quake Champions cost?

Quake Champions will be free-to-play, with players given immediate access to a single character, Ranger. To play as the other Champions, players must earn in-game currency, Favor, which they can spend to essentially rent access to other characters - though the devs have emphasised that you won't have to spend real money on this. Favor can also be spent to access challenges that will allow you to unlock more Champions and skins.

If that doesn't appeal, the good news is that you can also spend a fixed some to unlock full, permanent access to every Champion at once - and we'd imagine there will also be options to purchase individual Champions permanently. We don't know what this will cost yet, but we'd expect the price of unlocking every character to be around the price of a normal full game - so around £35/$40.

What will Quake Champions gameplay be like?

So, what do we know about the all-new Quake Champions? Quake Champions is a competitive arena-style game for the PC, developed by Id Software, the developers of recently released DOOM.

Champions will feature a variety of different characters all with unique abilities and combat styles, and more of the fast, frenetic gameplay the series is known for. Following the launch of the game, gamers can expect a series of Quake leagues and events to be hosted in-game.

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In terms of performance, Willits claims that Quake Champions will run at 120Hz with an unlocked frame rate, which was welcomed by possibly the biggest cheer of the whole Quake announcement at Bethesda's E3 2016 event.

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How can I sign up for the Quake Champions beta?

Quake Champions is running a closed beta, expected to launch some time in March or early April 2017. 

We don't yet know exactly what game modes will be on offer in the beta, but you can see some gameplay in action in the new trailer, and sign up for beta access from the Quake Champions site.

What are the Quake Champions characters?

The first Champion unveiled in full from Quake Champions is Nyx, the Fathom Agent. Agile and covert, players will need to be both fast and smart if they want to make the most of her, "with abilities meant to showcase movement skills and strategy."

You can find out more about her backstory on the game's Champions page, which also hints at the next few champions - and when they'll be revealed. In the meantime, we've included some of Nyx's stats and her reveal trailer below:

Starting Statistics:
· Starting Health: 100
· Starting Armor: 75
· Speed: 270

Active Ability -- Ghost Walk: using the Ghost Walk Active Ability moves Nyx into another dimension, instantly making her invisible and immune to damage. Players can use this ability to escape tough battles, maneuver unseen behind unsuspecting enemies, or even avoid damage from incoming projectiles. Re-materializing in the same spot as an enemy will result in an instant Ability Kill.

Passive Ability -- Wall Jump: Nyx’s Passive Ability extends her mobility by allowing her to jump twice – once off the floor and another time off of a nearby wall. Wall Jump can help players traverse wide distances between heights or gain the upper hand in a showdown with foes by creating more space to aim and frag.