At E3 2016 Nintendo offered the first in-depth look at The Legend of Zelda - watch the new Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild trailer here. Plus, everything we know so far about The Legend of Zelda for Wii U, including the UK release date, price and gameplay details.

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Latest update: Nintendo has posted a short clip of Zelda Breath of the Wild gameplay on Twitter. This follows a Nintendo Direct, which was all about 3DS games, and shows link paragliding through the stunning scenery but also some combat with monsters.

The Legend of Zelda for Wii U release date: When is Zelda for Wii U coming out?

The Legend of Zelda UK release date: March 2017

Despite the below, which is still interesting to read, The Legend of Zelda will now launch in 2017. It also won't be dedicated Wii U game as Nintendo has confirmed it will launch on the current console and the upcoming NX console at the same time. This means at the earliest, The Legend of Zelda will arrive in March 2017. The Wii U version will be playable at E3 2016 and will be 'the focus of Nintendo’s presence at E3' - indeed, you can watch the new The Legend of Zelda trailer from E3 2016 at the top of this page.

"The Legend of Zelda: The latest instalment in this classic series is scheduled to launch simultaneously for both Wii U and NX, and both versions of the game have been in development in tandem. Because developers need more time to polish the game, it will launch in 2017, but it will be the focus of Nintendo's presence at E3," said Nintendo in a statement.

Original release date rumours below...

Nintendo had planned to release The Legend of Zelda for Wii U in 2015, but it didn't happen. In fact, there's still no word on when it will launch, aside from Nintendo 'confirming' it will now be in 2016.

If you're wondering how things are going, series producer Eiji Aonuma said "busy" in reply to that question in the latest Famitsu (via Kotaku).

"When we did Skyward Sword for the Wii, at the end stages of development, I was in charge of the characters’ dialogue and the in-game text. And, now as well, it’s like it was then. I had to work on text today, too," he said with a laugh.

"But, the game has really taken shape, and things have gotten easier. That means things are progressing well." so that seems like a good sign for a 2016 release date.

Aonuma added that the keyword is 'something new' explaining that Ocarina of Time has always been 'the base of our secret sauce' but this time "the change in flavor will be like going from Japanese food to Western style food. Perhaps, players will be surprised."

"Please look forward to it, because I think we’ll be able to make ‘something new’ like Ocarina of Time was," said Aonuma.

While we're still waiting on a specific release date for The Legend of Zelda for Wii U, Nintendo has re-released an older game The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD for Wii U, joining The Wind Waker HD.

Twilight Princess HD launched on 4 March. You can buy it from Nintendo's site. Here's some gameplay footage from the game:

The Legend of Zelda for Wii U UK price & preorders: How much will The Legend of Zelda cost?

There are several pre-order options already available for The Legend of Zelda game in the UK.

Game is offering a pre-order for £44.99, while Amazon's price is currently £42.99 with a pre-order guarantee. ShopTo has a Price Promise pre-order option of £42.85, too.

We'd suggest that it's worth waiting a few months before pre-ordering The Legend of Zelda for Wii U though, as it's possible that special collectors editions and pre-order bonus bundles will be announced in the coming months that you won't want to miss out on.

The Legend of Zelda for Wii U: Gameplay features

This next instalment of The Legend of Zelda series will be the eighteenth main title that Nintendo has released for the franchise. It's among the only Zelda games to have HD graphics (the remake of the GameCube classic The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for Wii U is the only other HD title so far), and will feature an open world, an exciting development that we can't wait to experience for ourselves.

The Legend of Zelda designer, Eiji Aonuma has explained that the developers have decided to go for an open world game to give the players more freedom rather than defining exactly where the player must go, and where they must enter and exit dungeons, for example.

Players will be able to explore the open world on foot or by riding on Link's horse Epona. Epona is a pretty cool animal, capable of allowing Link to get a better aim at enemies thanks to its artificial intelligence that'll steer while you're otherwise occupied.

At the top of this page you can watch the new The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild trailer from E3 2016, which is amazingly just 1 percent of the game! This is one you'll pick up and won't put down for a very long time.

Playing The Legend of Zelda will be like escaping into a whole new world - exactly the impression Nintendo wanted to create at its awesome E3 2016 booth. (The below image is borrowed from engadget - click here to see more Zelda E3 booth shots from Nathan Ingraham.)

Zelda booth E3 2016

Podcast discussion: Games at E3

The Legend of Zelda for Wii U: Screenshots

 The Legend of Zelda for Wii U release date

The Legend of Zelda for Wii U release date

The Legend of Zelda for Wii U: Videos