There's a new Battlefield game from EA Dice and it's not Battlefield 5 like everyone expected. Here's everything you need to know about Battlefield 1 including DLC rumours, price, platforms, and gameplay. See also: Most anticipated games of 2016

EA took to the stage at its first EA Play press conference back in June 2016 and showcased a flurry of gameplay videos, from Mass Effect Andromeda to FIFA 17's new story mode, 'The Journey'. However it was Battlefield 1 that stole the stage, as EA launched a new Battlefield 1 gameplay trailer, along with the announcement of a public beta and a handful of new screenshots. Read on to find out everything we know so far about the World War 1 shooter, including upcoming DLC.

Latest news: DICE has confirmed details of the first paid DLC expansion, They Shall Not Pass - read more here

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Battlefield 1 UK release date, price and platforms

After months of waiting, Battlefield 1 was finally available to buy around the world on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 21 October 2016.

The standard price for Battlefield 1 is £44 on PC and £49 on Xbox One and PS4. There's also a collector's edition available for console players which includes a 14in collector's edition statue, exclusive SteelBook, exclusive cloth propaganda poster, deck of playing cards, messenger pigeon tub with exclusive DLC content, exclusive patch and premium packaging. It costs a whopping £179.

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Remember that EA Access members receive a 10 percent discount when buying the digital version on Xbox Live, and Origin Access members get the same offer through Origin.

Battlefield 1 screenshot

Battlefield 1 DLC rumours: When will EA DICE release Battlefield 1 DLC?

As is standard in the Battlefield series, there will be a series of four expansion packs for Battlefield 1 released within a year of the game's initial release. Here's where we bring you the latest release date and gameplay news for each one.

Giant's Shadow DLC news and rumours

However, before the paid DLC lands, players can look forward to free DLC in the form of Giant's Shadow. Giant's Shadow was released in December 2016, and features a brand new multiplayer map based on the Battle of the Selle in autumn 1918.

"The British forces have broken through the Hindenburg line and are now in pursuit towards an important railway center," reads a line from the description on the Battlefield 1 website. "Fierce infantry and tank engagements ensue on the open ground and river banks alongside the Cateu-Wassigny railway."

They Shall Not Pass DLC news and rumours

While there is a cloud of mystery surrounding the paid DLC, what we do know is that the first is called They Shall Not Pass. The DLC will focus on France and will feature at least two new multiplayer maps, the Battle of Verdun and the Battle of Soissons.

"Around 1 million shells were fired in the opening barrage of the Battle of Verdun," the developers wrote in a blog post. "This created massive forest fires around the fortified city and the battlefields surrounding it. Soldiers tell stories of being able to see these fires from far away. We really wanted to capture this initial fighting in a battle that came to be known as the Devil’s Anvil."

Along with the new maps, the update will also feature new weapons, and for the first time introduce the French Army as a playable faction - fitting given the major role they played in the war. 

They Shall Not Pass is expected to be released in March 2017, although we're not sure if this will only apply to those that own the £39.99 season pass which allows two weeks of early access to new online maps. 

Other paid DLC rumours

EA DICE has stayed quiet on the remaining expansion packs, although it has noted that "an upcoming expansion will bring the Russian Empire into the battle". It also notes that the four pieces of DLC will add a total of 16 multiplayer maps, new Operations and game modes, new Elite classes, 20 new weapons and more to the existing game. 

A Reddit source provided us with a few details about the upcoming paid DLC, claiming that it'll feature a theme similar to the pilot chapter of the single-player campaign. The maps are said to feature large artillery canons as Behemoths that can be attacked and destroyed by opposing forces. It's also claimed that a dogfight mode similar to Fighter Squadron in Star Wars Battlefront will be added early in 2017.

As well as this, the reddit source claims that upcoming DLC packs may add snow and nightfall effects for existing maps.