Now simply known as CES, not the Consumer Electronics Show, the biggest technology show is nearly upon us. Here’s what to expect from CES 2016 from Sony, Samsung, LG and more.

We're making our final preparations and will be heading to the airport to catch a long flight to Las Vegas purely to bring you full coverage of all the new technology which is coming in 2016. The days are long and the nights are even longer but here's what we expect to find once we touchdown in Nevada and the home of the bright lights.

Here we've also outlined the dates and times for press conferences in case that's helpful.

What to expect at CES 2016: Samsung

Samsung is a brand which has already announced products for 2016 in the form of three Galaxy A smartphones – a new A3, A5 and A7 – and these will no doubt be on show at CES 2016. It's been rumoured that the Galaxy S7 flagship could arrive as early as January but we think it's more likely to be launched around MWC at the end of February. A new announcement is more likely to be the Galaxy A9 but we'll have to wait and see

The list of products Samsung could announce it potentially huge since the firm caters to so many different sectors. However, CES has been and likely still will be very much about TVs so get set for some new models and tech at the show. The firm is likely to focus on HDR tech and we might even get another Michael Bay moment at the press conference (he walked off stage mid-presentation).

Samsung's press conference is scheduled for 5 January 14:00-14:45 PT.

LG CES 2016

What to expect at CES 2016: LG

Like Samsung, LG makes all kinds of things from smartphones, to fridges, to air conditioning. It will have a huge stand at CES 2016 to show off its shiny new tech.

The firm isn't saving all of its announcements for the press conference though and has unveiled a range of UltraWide 21:9 4K gaming monitors which feature Thunderbolt connectivity and the lightest 15in laptop in the form of the LG gram 15 which is 980g.

LG has also said that it will announce a new range of soundbars which include Google Cast alongside new LOUDR systems. Furthermore, a range of Minibeam projectors will be at the show with 'triple wire-free connectivity' including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

LG's press conference is scheduled for 5 January 08:00-08:45 PT - Watch a live stream here.

Sony CES 2016

What to expect at CES 2016: Sony

As usual Sony will be holding its press conference at CES but hasn't gone and splurged details of the new products in advance.

This leaves us to speculate and the invitation is the only thing we really have to go on for 2016 announcements. As you can see it features a wide range of products including a VR headset, camera, smartphone and a TV.

Based on this, and previous press conferences, Sony will give updates across a number of product categories. TVs are pretty much a certainty and we think wearable tech will also play a large part but the big question on many lips is will Sony announce a new Xperia smartphone, primarily the Xperia Z6.

There are some radical rumours suggesting that Sony will announced a total of five Xperia Z6 models as early as CES 2016. Others state that there will be just two models. We highly doubt that the firm will make any comment on the Xperia Z6 range at CES with the Z5 phones still freshly on the market and the firm moving to a less regular upgrade cycle.

Sony's press conference is scheduled for 5 January 17:00-17:45 PT.

What to expect at CES 2016: HTC, Huawei and the rest

HTC doesn't really go big at tech shows but we do know that it will be sharing updates on the HTC Vive VR headset. We don't expect any new phones, especially not the HTC One M10. It's also too early for the Huawei Watch 2 but the firm will be showing of the Huawei Mate 8 which has already been detailed.

As for the rest, we're sure to see new tech from the likes of ZTE, Asus, Acer and other top brands. There will be smartwatches, plenty of VR action and also a good dose of car tech too. And don't forget about smart home.

We'll be covering CES in full so stay locked to PC Advisor for all the news, hands-on reviews and videos.