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  • Powerplus Verio Dynamo MP3 player

    Climate change concerns mean that eco-friendly gadgets that draw less or no power have found a market. But Trevor Bayliss isn't the only name in the wind-up music players field.

  • Scosche IDR650m earphones

    Scosche has unveiled a pair of noise-isolating earphones with enhanced dynamic range.

  • Cygnett Micro rechargeable iPod speaker

    Cygnett has launched the Micro rechargeable speaker for iPods and other MP3 players.

  • gear4 StreetParty Revolve iPod/iPhone speaker

    gear4's latest iPod dock has a new spin - it revolves. The £59 speaker dock works with the Apple iPod and iPhone. See PC Advisor's gear4 Street Party Revolve review.

  • Yamaha Tenori-on digital instrument

    The musical-minded will have hours of enjoyment from this intriguing-looking instrument that owes more to the development of the PC than it does to a traditional instrument.

  • mi-dock mi-football iPod dock

    As the shops already attest, we're gearing up for Christmas. It's sometimes known as the silly season - and not without reason if this novelty iPod dock is any yardstick.

  • Teufel iTeufel Radio iPod dock/ radio alarm

    Teufel has unveiled the iTeufel Radio - an iPod dock and radio alarm clock.

  • August DTV350C digital TV player

    Gadget site I Want One Of Those has started selling a 3.5in-screen portable video player that has a built-in Freeview tuner with a maximum memory of 8GB hard drive that costs just £95.

  • Veho Mimi Wi-Fi Speaker System

    Veho's new Mimi Wi-Fi speaker system is designed to be used with laptops.

  • Parrot Philippe Starck Zikmu speakers

    Renowned product designer Philippe Starck has produced a special edition wireless speaker system for Bluetooth specialists Parrot.

  • Altec Lansing Orbit USB laptop speaker

    Altec Lansing has launched the Orbit USB - a £39 circular laptop speaker designed to be robust but portable.

  • PURE Sensia touchscreen DAB/internet radio

    PURE has unveiled a DAB and internet radio with an embedded 5.7in colour touchscreen. The PURE Sensia can also browse the web.

  • Viewsonic MovieBook VPD500 media player

    Viewsonic has unveiled two MovieBook media players that support high-definition video. The MovieBook VPD500 and VPD400 have 5in and 4.3in screens, respectively, and can play 720p video.

  • PURE Digital Siesta Flow DAB/internet radio

    Pure Digital has unveiled five new DAB radios including the £99 Siesta Flow DAB internet radio.

  • gear4 SoundOrb Aurora iPod/iPhone speaker

    gear4 has launched the SoundOrb Aurora - a speaker system for the iPod and iPhone that features a wireless sub-woofer.

  • Intempo Phono iPod/iPhone speaker

    If you want to watch videos on your iPod or iPhone while its docked, by find tilting your head uncomfortable, the Intempo Phono spherical iPod speaker could be just what you're looking for.

  • Sony XB700 noise-cancelling headphones

    These enormous headphones are the biggest cans we've ever come across. The Sony XB700 noise-cancelling headphones require two hands to visually describe. Wearing them is like donning a pair of pillows.

  • gear4 CRG-70W and CRG-200W iPod alarm clock

    gear4 has unveiled two new alarm clock radios that feature a dock to charge for an iPod or iPhone.

  • gear4 CDM-D150 DAB iPod dock

    gear4 has unveiled the CDM-D150 - a CD micro system and iPod doc with a DAB radio. The device is similar to the gear4 CDM-100 launched earlier this year.

  • IXOS Neo iPod dock

    IXOS has joined the throng of other audio hardware makers and launched an iPod dock with integrated FM radio. The IXOS Neo is described by the manufacturer as "the perfect way to deliver quality stereo sound to smaller rooms in the home".

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