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iLuv iMM 155 Vibro II shakes to the beat

iPhone dock vibrates to tell you it's time to wake up

iLuv has launched a compact iPod and iPhone audio dock that offers an unusual take on rousing its owner from sleep. The iMM 155 Vibro II has a separate vibrating module that is placed under a pillow or on a surface near to the sleeper and that shakes into action at the preset alarm time. It plastic vibration pad has a short cable to attach it to the iLuv dock.

There are two free iLuv iPhone apps that can be used to add extra features to the dock.  The device can be set to use a specific iTunes track or playlist, set to tune in to one of thousands of internet radio stations accessible via the dedicated iLuv iPhone app or simply vibrate. iLuv foresees the vibration dock being a popular choice for hearing impaired users. The iMM 155 Vibro II’s large display shows the current time as 3in high numbers and has 10 user-adjustable brightness levels. The iLuv app offers local weather information as well as forecasts for the next five or 10 days.

The dock will go onsale in the UK from March with an RRP of £49.99. It will be available from Asda. 

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