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Archos 5, 5g and 7 portable media players

Archos has introduced three new portable media players that double as internet access devices. The Archos 5, 5g and 7 start from £279 inc VAT.

The Archos 5 and 5g each have 5in touchscreen displays and come with hard drive capacities of 60GB, 120GB or 250GB. The Archos 7 has a larger, 7in touch-sensitive display and is available as either a 160GB or 320GB player.

All three portable media players can serve up both music and video, while a Wi-Fi connection adds an extra dimension.

The Archos 5g, which will be available from Q4 2008, will be a faster 3G model.

The media players range in thickness between 12.9 and 16mm depending upon hard drive size. As well as playing music and video, they have a built-in email client so users can receive, read and send emails. The email client supports attachments and these can be read on the device's screen.

An HDMI output on each of the Archos PMPs means high-definition video footage stored on them can be played back on an HDTV.

Other features of the device include Adobe Flash 9 video support so users can access video sharing websites such as Google's YouTube and a USB 2.0 connection so the PMPs can be connected to a PC and used to transfer files

The Archos 5 is available now from www.archos.com while the Archos 7 will be available in September and the Archos 5g will be released in quarter 4 of 2008.

The 60GB Archos 5 will cost £279.99, while the 120GB version will be £319.99 and the 250GB model £359.99. The 160GB Archos 5g and Archos 7 are expected to cost £359.99 while the 320GB Archos 7 will be £439.99.

Archos 5 portable media player with Wi-Fi access

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