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More New Product

  • Creative Zen Stone gets external speaker & LCD

    Creative has upgraded its miniature music player, adding a tiny external speaker to the Zen Stone and Zen Stone Plus, with the latter also getting a small LCD screen. The company told us that when in use, the 'micro boombox' reduces battery life from 20 hours to six hours, but the addition of the speaker doesn't have a significant impact on the price of the players.

  • Video: Intel demonstrates new UMPCs

    Intel is displaying four new ultramobile PCs designed around its Menlow chips at CES, including highly anticipated devices from Lenovo and Toshiba.

  • Microsoft promises advanced robots in 5 years

    Making a robot laugh by tickling it may be fun, but robots could mean real business when they get arms and hands that mimic the dexterity and sensitivity of humans.

  • CES : Why movies sold on disc still matter

    Over the past couple of years, as the Blu-ray Disc versus HD DVD battle continued, I've often seen postulating in the press and among the public that neither disc format is going to matter in the future.

  • Sony Z555 phone has Gesture Control

    Sony Ericsson has built a motion sensor into its new Z555 mobile phone allowing users to silence the ringtone or snooze the alarm by waving a hand over it.

  • Sony upgrades Mylo pocket communicator

    Sony has updated its Mylo pocket communicator with the new model offering a larger display, a touchscreen and a bigger keyboard, among other things.

  • Pictures: New UMPCs from Lenovo & Toshiba

    Intel is displaying four new ultramobile PCs designed around its Menlow chips at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), including highly anticipated devices from Lenovo and Toshiba.

  • Yoggie Firestick Pico

    Following last year’s launch of the Pico – a complete security suite on a stick – Yoggie has come up with another useful safeguard. The Yoggie Firestick Pico is a portable firewall that you plug in to a USB port and that protects your laptop from harm.

  • HP to reduce PC energy consumption by 25%

    HP has announced plans to reduce the energy consumption of its PCs by 25 percent within two years.

  • Bill Gates and the Microsoft stats-fest

    Keynote speeches delivered by the world's leading IT execs are renowned for being self-congratulatory, giving the top dogs at famous hardware and software firms the chance to show off about the success of their products to millions of people. Bill Gates' keynote was no different, and during the one-hour presentation, the audience was bombarded with a list of statistics designed to highlight the recent success of various Microsoft products.

  • Intempo claims world first with portable net radio

    Intempo will start selling what it claims is the world's first portable internet radio in the UK in April.

  • ViewSonic LED monitor delivers superior colours

    ViewSonic told us that while it has previously positioned itself as a provider of flat-panel monitors with ultra-fast response times, this year it will pushing the boundaries of colour reproduction and image quality. The display maker wants to raise awareness of colour reproduction, and is showing off a couple of monitors it claims deliver better colour gamuts than anything else on the market.

  • Kodak camera offers touchscreen photo editing

    Kodak has added a range of new cameras to its EasyShare line at CES, including one that allows users to make simple edits to images on the camera's touchscreen.

  • Linksys LELA promises idiot-proof wireless

    Linksys hopes to make home networking idiot-proof with impressive new software that simplifies the setup and management of wireless networks on show in a private suite at the Consumer Electronics Show.

  • Video: Sony & Samsung's new OLED TVs

    Sony and Samsung are displaying ultra-thin flat-screen TVs at CES and one of the sets is already on sale in the US.

  • Video: Sony Transfer offers wireless for gadgets

    Sony is developing a wireless data transfer system for gadgets that's capable of sending pictures, video and data over a range of a few centimeters at speeds faster than USB.

  • Video: 3M's mobile phone projector

    We reported on 3M's miniature projector yesterday – now watch our video to see the product in action.

  • 3M shows tiny mobile projector

    3M is demonstrating a prototype projector small enough to fit inside a mobile phone or digital camera, at this year's International Consumer Electronics Show.

  • Panasonic shows 150in plasma screen

    Panasonic yesterday showed off the prototype of a new 150in plasma display, which the company says is the largest flat-panel display in the world.

  • Samsung 500GB laptop drive to debut in March

    Samsung Electronics has revealed that it is building a 500GB notebook hard drive that will ship in March.

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