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More New Product

  • Inflight Power iPod/iPhone Bundle

    InflightPower.com has introduced a new power charging product that recharges the Apple iPhone's battery while owners are traveling on an airplane. It works by converting the power provided through the headphone jack in the airplane seat to regulated power. It costs $44.99 (£23).

  • Satski mapping module for skiers

    Think of yourself as an extreme sports nut? Well how’s this for a challenge: you’re hurtling offpiste at gazillions of miles an hour when you suddenly realise you’re way off track if you want to arrive at the prearranged spot for lunch. Ah, you think, I’ll whip out my trusty Satski and make sure I'm still on track.

  • First look: BlackBerry Pearl 8120

    BlackBerry maker RIM (Research In Motion) and mobile phone operator 02 have announced the launch of a brand-new Pearl smartphone handset. The BlackBerry Pearl 8120 goes onsale through 02.co.uk as from today.

  • Summit Photofix 280 negative scanner

    Film photography may not be quite as dead as has been widely reported – at least it won't be until we’ve all had a chance to do something with the photos we’ve already had developed.

  • cenOmax F7012A digital photo frame

    Those in the market for a digital photo frame will be delighted to learn that the popularity of this relatively new product category is pushing prices lower and lower. A 7in digital photo display has just been launched by cenOmax priced at £48.

  • QuietPC Pertelian X2040

    No, this isn’t yet another satellite navigation device. It’s a small additional screen for your PC that enables you to read emails, instant messages and other otherwise distracting items without having to muck about with maximising and minimising windows.

  • Pure Digital Highway DAB radio

    Pure Digital has announced an in-car DAB digital radio that can be fitted by the user. The Highway has a suction pad attachment, much like those found on GPS satellite navigation devices, with which it attaches to the car’s dashboard.

  • Nokia and Vodafone take on Apple iTunes

    As previously trailed, Nokia today launched the Nokia Music Store download service. Vodafone also unleashed its own music store - but it's banking on streaming rather than downloading to topple Apple's iTunes and iPhone.

  • Video: Windows Vista user review, part 2

    Part two of this user's review of Windows Vista Ultimate.

  • Panasonic Core 2 Duo ToughBooks on the march

    Panasonic has announced a number of additions to its ToughBook range of durable notebooks. The CF-W7, CF-T7 and CF-Y7 are all designed to withstand being accidentally dropped or having liquid spilt on them.

  • Video: Windows Vista user review, part 1

    One user's review of Windows Vista Ultimate.

  • Asus Eee PC P701

    Asus is bringing its exceptionally low-cost ultaportable Eee PC P7012 laptop to the UK.

  • Sonos Digital Music System gets search, 5 million songs

    In 2006 the Sonos Digital Music System entered our lives - a sophisticated way of playing digital music simultaneously in numerous zones of your house. And yesterday, Sonos released Sonos System Software 2.5.

  • Samsung announces i550, i560 and i780 smartphones

    Samsung today announced three smartphones for the UK. The Samsung i550, Samsung i560 and Samsung i780 are aimed at tech-savvy, media loving consumers, or business folk who just wanna have fun.

  • First look: HP Photosmart A826 photo printer

    Last night I had a play with the HP Photosmart A826 Home Photo Centre. A cool-looking and petite photo printer, the HP Photosmart A826's standout feature is its 7in colour touchscreen. UPDATE: for a full review of the HP Photosmart A826 Home Photo Centre, click here.

  • Pinnacle PCTV DVB-T Ultimate

    As with the Pinnacle PCTV DVB-T Solo, this USB stick is a TV tuner with a separate aerial that can be used to pick up Freeview channels and show them on a TV or laptop.

  • Pinnacle PCTV DVB-T Solo

    Pinnacle’s DVB-T Solo USB TV tuner can pick up free-to-air digital TV channels. You can watch programmes as they are broadcast or ‘timeshift’ and set a recording for later viewing. This means that for occasions, such as this weekend's Rugby World Cup Final, when you want to record the event as a memento of an historic occasion, you can.

  • Nokia N95 8GB

    Nokia has updated its hugely successful N95 multimedia-laden mobile phone handset, upping its storage capacity to 8GB.

  • Designer Sky+ HD boxes

    If you fancy adding HD to your satellite TV setup, why not go for something a little different? Instead of the standard black or silver boxes found lurking under most people's tellies, give one of Sky's designer HD boxes a try.

  • Samsung i450 dual music slider smartphone

    Samsung is set to launch a music-centric smartphone based on the Symbian mobile phone platform.

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