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  • TuneUp launches English version of utilities software

    TuneUp has launched an English version of its PC utilities software. TuneUp Utilities 2008 offers new features designed to improve the speed and functionality of Windows-based computers.

  • Buffalo installs TurboUSB technology in external hard drives

    Buffalo is now installing its TurboUSB technology, which offers even faster file transfer rates, in its DriveStation Quattro and Combo external hard drives.

  • GE launches seven cameras with blink detection

    GE has launched a range of digital cameras that warn the user if a subject blinks while a photograph is being taken. Blink-detection technology displays a message on the cameras' LCD screens so users can retake the image. All seven models in the range also feature smile detection technology, which automatically engages the shutter when a smile is detected.

  • Plustek OpticFilm 7500i AI and 7500i SE high-resolution film scanners

    Digital imaging enthusiasts will now be able to include 35mm slides and negatives into their collections thanks to the Plustek OpticFilm 7500i AI and 7500i SE high-resolution film scanners.

  • Sanyo Xacti HD700 camcorder

    Digital camcorders continue to get smaller and lighter – 16 percent smaller and 10 percent lighter in the case of this hybrid digital video and stills camera. The £349 Sanyo Xacti HD700 is a shrunk-down version of Sanyo’s Xacti HD2 model, yet matches its predecessor with its ability to record high-definition video at 720p and photos at 7.1Mp.

  • Wi-Fi Detecting T-Shirt

    Okay, so it's not going to work that well given the current state of the British weather, but on days when it is warm enough to head out and about with your laptop clad in nothing warmer than a t-shirt, this clever item of clothing could quickly earn its keep.

  • Sony upgrades cylindrical Vaio PCs

    Sony has launched stylish new Vaio PCs in the US, both featuring Blu-ray drives. The Vaio HTPCs have a circular design and are designed as home entertainment systems – the premium model includes two external CableCARD tuners to record two HD programs at the same time.

  • Wireless power recharges phones & laptops

    Wireless power to recharge mobile phones, laptops and other devices is being demonstrated by at least two vendors at CES.

  • HomeRemote to kickstart home automation

    Simple home automation technology that allows people to control various appliances around the house from a PC has been the dream of tech enthusiasts for many years. The trouble is, most of the services available have been perceived as too expensive and over-complicated. Hawking hopes to change that with a new HomeRemote system that's scheduled to become available in the UK this spring.

  • Creative InPerson portable videoconferencing device

    Creative is showing off a portable videoconferencing for small businesses called InPerson at CES. InPerson, which will only be available in the US initially, is a small, wireless device with a 7in screen which supports 640 x 480 resolution at up to 20fps.

  • Creative Zen Stone gets external speaker & LCD

    Creative has upgraded its miniature music player, adding a tiny external speaker to the Zen Stone and Zen Stone Plus, with the latter also getting a small LCD screen. The company told us that when in use, the 'micro boombox' reduces battery life from 20 hours to six hours, but the addition of the speaker doesn't have a significant impact on the price of the players.

  • Video: Intel demonstrates new UMPCs

    Intel is displaying four new ultramobile PCs designed around its Menlow chips at CES, including highly anticipated devices from Lenovo and Toshiba.

  • Microsoft promises advanced robots in 5 years

    Making a robot laugh by tickling it may be fun, but robots could mean real business when they get arms and hands that mimic the dexterity and sensitivity of humans.

  • CES : Why movies sold on disc still matter

    Over the past couple of years, as the Blu-ray Disc versus HD DVD battle continued, I've often seen postulating in the press and among the public that neither disc format is going to matter in the future.

  • Sony Z555 phone has Gesture Control

    Sony Ericsson has built a motion sensor into its new Z555 mobile phone allowing users to silence the ringtone or snooze the alarm by waving a hand over it.

  • Sony upgrades Mylo pocket communicator

    Sony has updated its Mylo pocket communicator with the new model offering a larger display, a touchscreen and a bigger keyboard, among other things.

  • Pictures: New UMPCs from Lenovo & Toshiba

    Intel is displaying four new ultramobile PCs designed around its Menlow chips at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), including highly anticipated devices from Lenovo and Toshiba.

  • Yoggie Firestick Pico

    Following last year’s launch of the Pico – a complete security suite on a stick – Yoggie has come up with another useful safeguard. The Yoggie Firestick Pico is a portable firewall that you plug in to a USB port and that protects your laptop from harm.

  • HP to reduce PC energy consumption by 25%

    HP has announced plans to reduce the energy consumption of its PCs by 25 percent within two years.

  • Bill Gates and the Microsoft stats-fest

    Keynote speeches delivered by the world's leading IT execs are renowned for being self-congratulatory, giving the top dogs at famous hardware and software firms the chance to show off about the success of their products to millions of people. Bill Gates' keynote was no different, and during the one-hour presentation, the audience was bombarded with a list of statistics designed to highlight the recent success of various Microsoft products.

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