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  • ViewSonic LED monitor delivers superior colours

    ViewSonic told us that while it has previously positioned itself as a provider of flat-panel monitors with ultra-fast response times, this year it will pushing the boundaries of colour reproduction and image quality. The display maker wants to raise awareness of colour reproduction, and is showing off a couple of monitors it claims deliver better colour gamuts than anything else on the market.

  • Kodak camera offers touchscreen photo editing

    Kodak has added a range of new cameras to its EasyShare line at CES, including one that allows users to make simple edits to images on the camera's touchscreen.

  • Linksys LELA promises idiot-proof wireless

    Linksys hopes to make home networking idiot-proof with impressive new software that simplifies the setup and management of wireless networks on show in a private suite at the Consumer Electronics Show.

  • Video: Sony & Samsung's new OLED TVs

    Sony and Samsung are displaying ultra-thin flat-screen TVs at CES and one of the sets is already on sale in the US.

  • Video: Sony Transfer offers wireless for gadgets

    Sony is developing a wireless data transfer system for gadgets that's capable of sending pictures, video and data over a range of a few centimeters at speeds faster than USB.

  • Video: 3M's mobile phone projector

    We reported on 3M's miniature projector yesterday – now watch our video to see the product in action.

  • 3M shows tiny mobile projector

    3M is demonstrating a prototype projector small enough to fit inside a mobile phone or digital camera, at this year's International Consumer Electronics Show.

  • Panasonic shows 150in plasma screen

    Panasonic yesterday showed off the prototype of a new 150in plasma display, which the company says is the largest flat-panel display in the world.

  • Samsung 500GB laptop drive to debut in March

    Samsung Electronics has revealed that it is building a 500GB notebook hard drive that will ship in March.

  • Panasonic plays with interactive home interiors

    Panasonic said at CES that it's experimenting with technology that makes walls interactive, adding "larger-than-life technology" to home interiors.

  • Toshiba debuts 1.8in external hard drive line

    Toshiba has launched a new 1.8in USB 2.0 Mobile External Hard Drive line at CES. The product line will be offered in 60GB, 80GB and 120GB models, each with a USB cable. The devices will ship next spring, said officials of the Toshiba Storage Device Division, a business unit of Toshiba. The new mobile external hard drives will run encryption and backup software to boost data protection, Toshiba said.

  • Belkin shows in-car iPhone accessory

    Belkin is demonstrating two new accessories for Apple's iPhone called TuneBase FM and TuneCast Auto.

  • The return of the internet fridge (sort of)

    Five years ago, LG combined a refrigerator with a PC and it was a colossal flop. Now Whirlpool is taking its shot, albeit with a somewhat different approach.

  • Lime PC architecture spans PC formats

    Lime PC is demonstrating a number of PCs and portable devices featuring the same scalable architecture – computers with various form factors all run the same Freescale processor, share many of the same components and feature Lime's customised Linux interface.

  • Asus Eee PC to get larger screens

    There's no Windows version of the Eee PC on Asus' booth, but the company did reveal a few other plans for the highly popular sub-notebook at the Consumer Electronics Show today.

  • Wireless USB ready for mainstream

    Wireless USB (WUSB) has been in the offing for some time, but we were assured 2008 would be the year it hits the mainstream – at least in the US.

  • Dell Inspiron 1525

    Dell is showing off the successor to its Inspiron 1520 consumer laptop at CES, with the new Inspiron 1525 due for worldwide availability in a couple of weeks.

  • Video: Casio camera offers 1,000 images per second

    Casio will put on sale in March a digital camera capable of shooting up to 60 images per second at full 6-megapixel resolution and video at more a thousand images per second.

  • Samsung shows off 128GB solid-state drives

    Samsung Electronics is showing off a new 128GB flash-based SSD (solid-state drive) at the International Consumer Electronics show, one of the largest such drives shown to date.

  • Casio announces five new cameras

    At CES today, Casio announces its spring 2008 line-up of Exilim digital cameras.

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