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How to reinstall Windows 8 - we explain the new Refresh and Reset options

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How to reinstall Windows 8

On the previous page we showed you how to refresh Windows 8. If that doesn't give you the performance you wanted, you might need to use the altogether more serious Reset function.

1.    Hit the Win-C combination (Windows key and C together), or use your mouse to make the Charms Bar to appear. Then click Settings > Change PC Settings > General.

2.    Scroll down till you see ‘Remove everything and reinstall Windows’

Windows 8 Reset 2

3.    Select Get Started. Like before you should see a similar options screen as follows:

Windows 8 Reset 3

4.    Click Next and this time you will be greeted with two options:

  • Just remove my files- Everything is gone and Windows 8 is as good as new.
  • Clean the drive fully – This wipes the drive and reinstalls Windows 8.

Windows 8 Reset 3

5.    Last chance saloon, the point of no return, your certain you want to do this?

Windows 8 Reset 5

6.    Click Reset and the PC will be returned to default settings. It should be good as new, 'til you wreck it again, that is. The process will take several minutes.

Windows 8 Reset 6

So there you have it, you can now ‘Refresh & Reset’ Windows 8 as and when you need to. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: make sure you select the right option. These options are nice, quick alternatives to scrabbling around in draws trying to find installation disks and access keys.

About the author

Guest author Edward Jones looks after community engagement and content creation for Firebrand Training, writing technical articles and industry news for the IT certification sector. Edward has experience with Windows Server, SharePoint and multiple Windows OS platforms.

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