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How to connect to Wi-Fi on a Google Android tablet

Its cheaper to browse using Wi-Fi

If your Google Android  tablet is not connected to the internet then there are lots of things you will be unable to do. We show you how to get online using your Android tablet.

Step one

If your tablet does not have a SIM card inserted then all you need to do is look for the slot and pop a SIM into it. Your tablet may reboot so that it can properly interface with the SIM.

Step two
Using your home or free public Wi-Fi is less expensive than using your SIM. Choose 'Settings' then Wireless and Network' and then select Wi-Fi settings.

Step three
Make sure 'Wi-Fi' has a check mark by it at the top of the page to indicate it is turned on. Look at the list of networks found and tap yours.

Step four
If your network has security encryption you will need to enter the code. Tap carefully. You can check 'Show Password' if you want to see the letters and numbers you enter to make sure they are right.

Step five
When you are done tap 'Connect'. After a very short wait you will be shows the Wi-Fi settings screen again, and told you are connected.

Step six
To control settings easily use a widget. On the home screen tap and hold, then choose Widgets. Look down the list and choose one. On the Samsung Galaxy Tab choose 'Power Control'.

Step seven
The Power Control widget gives one touch access to Wi-Fi as well as other settings. Tap once to turn Wi-Fi off, and again to turn it on again.

Step eight
Alternatively, on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, pull down the notifications area and use the quick toggle settings that are here for turning Wi-Fi on and off.

Tips and tricks

  • If you are a keen user of Facebook or Twitter look in the Android Market for applications and widgets to help make your use easier. You'll find plenty of choice, and even widgets that put updates onto the home screen.
  • If you are a fan of YouTube use the dedicated application on your Samsung Galaxy Tab rather than going to the YouTube web site. You'll find it is better designed for the screen size and it works well.
  1. Use your tablet PC to browse the web
  2. Insert a SIM card
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