Google I/O live stream

How to watch a live stream of the Google I/O keynote 2014. PLUS: Google I/O keynote live blog.

Google I/O kicks off this afternoon with a keynote presentation that is expected to include some big news about Android. We'll be providing live coverage of the 2014 Google I/O keynote, with both a live stream and a live blog. In this article we explain how to watch the 2014 Google I/O keynote live.

How to watch Google I/O keynote live

PC Advisor will be covering the 2014 Google I/O keynote with both a live blog and the all important live stream of the presentation. The event starts at 5pm UK time today (Wednesday June 25), so simply bookmark this page and set your alarm for then! WATCH: Google I/O keynote live stream.

What to expect from Google I/O keynote 2014

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Although Google I/O is a developer conference, Google uses the I/O event as a platform to announced and launch new products. It's possible we'll see a brand new version of Android and new Nexus smartphones and tablets. And this could be the Google wearables event.

One of the more likely announcements for Google I/O is a new version of Android for smartphones and tablets. Expect Google to at least refer to the new version, codenamed 'Moonshine'. It's unclear whether the next version of Android will be 4.5 or 5.0. Read: Android 4.5 release date and features: When will the next version of Android (Lollipop) come out?

The much rumoured Nexus 8 is the most likely hardware device to be announced at Google I/O. It has an 8in screen rather than the 7in display used on the Nexus 7, and will probably be the launch device for Android Lollipop. There is a possibility of the long-awaited Nexus 10 2 arriving at Google I/O too, although this is less likely. Don't expect a Nexus smartphone.

We are, however, expecting some Google wearables. The latest rumour for I/O is something called Google Fit. It's a new health service similar to Apple's recently announced HealthKit framework. Google Fit will collect- and aggregate data from fitness apps and activity trackers, plus health-related apps.

And Google I/O 2014 could well be a forum for Google to tell us more about its Android Wear platform for smartwatches and more. Could it be that we'll see a Nexus smartwatch? It's certainly possible.

We expect Google to launch an Android TV at some stage in the next few months, and it could be at Google I/O, although we aren't holding our breath. Other possibles but not probables include Android Silver, and further Google Glass announcements.

All will be revealed at 5pm. So don't forget to watch: Google I/O keynote live stream.