How to delete iMessage from iPhone

We show you how to delete text- and iMessages from your iPhone using iOS 7.

You may have noticed that in the messages app in iOS 7 the Edit button can no longer be found in the top righthand corner of any conversation. It's been replaced by a Contact button, which is useful but takes away one key ability: the ability to select a whole thread of messages or a single message and delete it.

How to delete whole text message conversations in iOS 7

On the plus side you can still delete entire message conversations. You can do this simply by swiping to the left in the list of all your text messages. However, if you swipe to the left on just single message you will see only the time stamp of each message. Here then is how to delete individual text messages and iMessages from your iPhone.

How to delete a text message on iPhone

When you can see a contact's first name at the top of the screen, you know you're in a text conversation. Simply tap and hold on any one message bubble. You should see a pop out message with two options 'Copy' and 'More...'. Hit 'More...'.

You'll now see a little blue circle to the left of all messages. To the left of the message you selected will be a filled in circle with a white tick. Now tap on all the messages you want to delete, and then hit the trash icon in the lower lefthand corner of the screen. A 'Delete Message' button will now appear. Hit it and you will be able to delete all the selected messages.

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