How to convert PDF to Word

There are several ways to convert a PDF to Word format, but one of the easiest requires no software other than a web browser. Here's how to convert a PDF to Word. Also see: How to edit PDFs. 

How to convert PDF to Word: PDFOnline 

PDFOnline is a free PDF converter that lets you upload PDFs to the web for conversion to Word, or vice versa, letting you convert Word files to PDF. 

However, you should note that by uploading your PDF to the web you must agree to a few terms, which are listed in full on the PDFOnline website. 

Most importantly, while vendor BCL says it will respect your privacy and not monitor , edit or disclose information contained in the documents you submit, it is under no obligation to do so if action is required to comply with legal processes, protect its own legal rights, enforce its terms or protect the interests of other users. We'd steer clear of uploading PDFs that contain sensitive information. 

Step 1. Browse to and click the 'Upload a File to Convert…' button.

Convert PDF to Word 1 

Step 2. Navigate to the PDF you want to convert and click Open. If it contains a lot of images and tables it may take a while to convert.

Convert PDF to Word 2 

Step 3. Your PDF file will open in the browser window. Click Download at the top of the screen, then choose the option to 'Download Word file'. 

Convert PDF to Word 3

Step 4. The file will be downloaded to your Downloads folder or wherever you have specified downloads should go. Double-click it to open it in a word processor. 

Convert PDF to Word 4

Depending on the complexity of your PDF, you may find some parts of the PDF require some editing in Word.

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