A reader wrote to PC Advisor to find out how to restore Firefox as his default browser without deleting Chrome. Here's how to change your default browser. Also see: What's the best web browser for Windows

Q " I don’t like Chrome and never intentionally use it. However, it has installed itself as the default browser, so that accessing the internet from a site under Firefox always uses Chrome. There is one instance where I must use Chrome and so I can’t just delete it. Where can I reset my computer to always use Firefox?"

Start up Firefox and click on the icon comprised of three horizontal lines over in the top-right corner of the window. This will bring up a small menu of icons from which you can select ‘Options’. Also see: What's the best alternative web browser?

From the Options dialog box, select the gearwheel icon labelled ‘Advanced’. Now click the button at the bottom, marked ‘Make Firefox the default browser’ and tick the box marked ‘Always check to see if Firefox is the default browser on startup’. Now click OK. Next, start Chrome, type chrome://settings into the address bar and then press Enter. Under Default browser, you should see that Firefox has been set as the default web browser.

How to change your default browser

If this doesn’t fix your problem. Go to the Windows control panel and click on ‘Default Programs’, then ‘Set your default programs’, and click on the Google Chrome icon in the left-hand pane.

Next, click on ‘Choose defaults for this program’. This will bring up a list of all the protocols and file types that can be opened with Chrome. If you deselect all of these options and click Save, Chrome shouldn’t run any more unless you explicitly choose for it to do so.

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