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Steganography: how to hide confidential data in plain sight using SteganPEG

How to securely exchange information without encryption

DIY Steganography using a word processor

It's easy to hide a message in a Word document. It’s not as secure as using SteganPEG for several reasons that you’ll probably realise as you proceed, but it requires no special software. What’s more, while SteganPEG uses clever techniques that’ll be meaningless to anyone who doesn’t understand Jpeg encoding, this method couldn’t be simpler to understand.

Open a Word document that’s quite a bit longer than the message you want to hide. If the text is in more than one colour, change all the text to black on a white background. Then, start writing your secret message, placing each letter between the words of your Word document in place of the spaces.

For example, if your Word document starts “Once upon a time in the land of purple giants” and your secret message starts “HELLO TOM”, the edited text would start with “OnceHuponEaLtimeL inOthe landTofOpurpleMgiants”.

We’ve used capitals so the example is easier to read but it works with a normal mix of upper and lower case letters. As you insert the message, colour those additional characters white on a black background to make it easy for you to check your progress. Once you’ve finished, select all the text and choose a white background.

Your added letters will become invisible because they’re coloured white on a white background. Having sent the file to someone, all the recipient does to reveal the message is select all the text and change the background colour to black.

Your secret message now appears as the sequence of white on black characters while the text in which it’s hidden will be black on black and hence invisible.

 Steganography in Word processor

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