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How to record Skype calls

Keep a record of Skype calls using CallNote

Useful Skype apps

Everything seems to have its own app store these days, and Skype is no exception. Of course, there are limits to the kind of things you can realistically do with an internet phone service, so it’s not exactly overflowing with innovative apps, but there are some useful tools to be had if you’re a regular Skype user.

For conference calls, IDroo might prove handy. It’s an interactive whiteboard for multiple users to brainstorm and collaborate on ideas visually during a conversation. It lets you insert complex mathematical equations, and it works with Wacom graphics tablets too, so you can scribble away with a stylus for maximum convenience.

Clownfish for Skype is a good one for enhancing international text conversations. It aims to read what you type in English and translate it into one of 44 other languages for the recipient. It’s only as accurate as the current state of translation software, so don’t expect a perfect bilingual conversation, but it supports text-to-speech and spellchecking in all of those languages, and it’s useful for getting your point across with minimal frustration.

Skype apps

And finally, music lovers will surely appreciate ON AIR, which broadcasts information related to the track you’re currently listening to on your Skype online status for everyone to see. It can pull in track info from a whole host of popular media players, including iTunes, Spotify, Winamp and Windows Media Player.

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